Are you feeling like a Garbage Guinea Pig?

Almost as tall as a 5 year old granola bar eating girl.

If you live in the Surrey area, you probably came home to these on your front lawn this week.

Are you feeling like a Garbage Guinea Pig?  I am.

I am overwhelmed by the new waste management system that the City of Surrey is implementing.  I knew it was coming but I think I mentally blocked it out, hoping that somehow it would go away.  It didn’t.

It’s here and it starts October 1st.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am all for being conscience of our waste and garbage output.  We religiously recycle and have completely limited the use of plastics.  The children’s lunches, where we used the most plastic, have been transformed by our use of the Goodbyn containers that I found online at Raspberry kids and Greenalicious snack bags.  This year, I even bought Green School bags, to send money/notes to the teachers instead of using plastic snack bags, that always find their way into the garbage eventually. 

My first instict was: oh great- now we will get vermin. Garbage brings rats, mice, and all those lovely animals.  Our neighbour found a rat in their BBQ and they are a very clean family.  What is a bin full of organics going to attract?

I think that it’s very responsible of The City of Surrey, since we are the currently the fastest growing city in the Lower Mainland, but I now have more work to do-  buying liners; emptying the kitchen catcher; lugging three bins to the curb; etc. 

Basically: Every week organics will be picked up, while recyclables and garbage will rotate each week. One week recyclables the next garbage.

I quickly surveyed the City of Surrey website and found exactly what is classified as Organics.

What to Put in Your Organics  Cart:

All leftover food:

  • meat, poultry, bones
  • fish, seafood
  • egg & dairy products
  • vegetables, fruit, salad (with dressing)
  • bread, dough, pasta & grains
    o coffee grounds & paper filters, tea bags
  • Soiled paper:
      • used paper towels, napkins, paper plates, pizza boxes
  • Garden waste
  • Plants, flowers, grass cuttings, branches, leaves
  • Branches must not exceed 7.5cm (3in) in diameter. Branches can be tied into bundles not exceeding 90 cm (3ft) in length.

What Stays Out:

  • plastics, including biodegradable or compostable plastic 
  • pet waste

 What I found more informative was a video, which I will share with you.


After watching the video, I found the Organics kitchen catcher in the green bin, to accompany the two types of  Bag To Earth liners, that were attached in plastic to the Organics bin.

The kitchen container with the two free bags. One has a lining to reduce odour the other is just a plain brown paper bag.


Small Food Waste Bags
29.5 cm H x 18.5 cm W x 10 cm D
12″H x 7″W x 4″D

Box of 200 $78.00
Five 10-packs $23.99
Four 10-packs $19.49
Three 10-packs $14.69
Two 10-packs $9.79
One 10-pack $4.99
  Small Food Waste Bag
Large Food Waste Bags
55.9 cm H x 31.4 cm W x 21.3 cm D
22″H x 12″W x 8″D

Box of 60 $55.99
Five 5-packs $24.99
Four 5-packs $20.99
Three 5-packs $16.49
Two 5-packs $11.49
One 5-pack $5.99
  Yard Waste Bag
I am guessing that we will be absorbing the cost of these all-natural bags that are designed to fully disappear in the earth and NOT The City of Surrey.
SURPRISE they are not cheap.  Why does it feel that everything for protecting the environment is always so expensive to use. Sigh.
I guess we better get used to it, as it’s part of Surrey’s plan to achieve of goal of 70% waste diversion by 2015. 
What do you think of the new waste management system?  I am curious to see how it will work with rental suites/coach house tenants?  Will they comply and do those houses have bigger/extra bins?  Do they pay for the extra garbage?

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