5 Reasons Why Change is Good

Jackson just finished having his first practice with his new team.  A new team with NONE of last year’s newest, best-est, closest neighbourhood friends on it.

Jackson was pretty upset that he wasn’t on his good friends’ team.  He cried.  He cried a lot.  I tried to explain.  He ignored my explanation.  He continued to believe that it wasn’t true.  Jackson told me that he didn’t want to play hockey on any team except the team that has all his neighbourhood buddies on it.

Jackson was pretty much devastated.

Jackson is very intense, sensitive, positive boy who is very loyal to the people he connects with.  Whether it is a coach, a teacher, a friend, a parent or adult; Jackson will either connect or shut you down with a minimal explanation of why he is shutting you or another person out.

Sometimes I think that it is because Jackson is more connected to his feelings than he can express in words.  Children are even better than most adults a seeing through to the true person, it’s as if they can sense it.  I believe that Jackson is one of those kids who really can sense an individual’s true intentions.

Jackson likes his new team.  Luckily, there are two boys on the team that are in Jackson’s grade two class, which is great as he has no one that his knows from his grade one class.  Both boys are also in his before and after school care.

My biggest concern was with the coaches.  Last year’s coaches were patient, fun, friendly, skilled; basically completely phenomenal.  I don’t do well with overly competitive coaches and Jackson would definitely not do well with an aggressive coach.  Luckily, I recognized the coach and his wife, they were both in Jackson’s developmental skating sessions last year.  So far the coaches’ seemed to be able to connect with Jackson and hold his attention, without the overtly competitive/yelling coaches.

I was also happy to see a familiar friend among the Moms on the team, even if Jackson didn’t really know her son, it was nice to know that I would have someone to talk to.

Easton, however, did not like Jackson’s team.  Easty asked where the other kids were.  I had to tell her about three times, that Jackson was on another team and that they wouldn’t be here.

Easton was devastated.

Easty had just finally warmed up to all the siblings, some that were her age and some younger, from Jackson’s hockey team last year.  I remember thinking that it was so nice that she had so many other kids around her age to play with, except that she didn’t play with any of them, she would hang around us Moms. It took her the WHOLE season to play with the other kids.

Now she is asking for all of them.

After everything, I was really proud of Jackson.  When I asked him what he thought of his new team, he looked down and said it was good.  Jackson rationalized it all to me.

It’s all good Mom. I can still play with my friends at school or at our houses.    I will get to play against them at hockey, then we can high five each other on the ice. BUT they are NOT allowed to move.  If they move then I will NOT be happy. For Real.

That mean’s you Elijah, Ben, Hugh. No moving allowed.

5 Reasons why change is good for Jackson:

1. Change helps Jackson learn.  His new team has different individuals and personalities, learning from different people can help him make improvements and look at a skill or task in a new perspective.

2. Change teaches Jackson how to be flexible.  If everything was smooth and easy, it would be even harder for him to adapt to challenging situations in any part of his life.

3. Change is inevitable.  Everything changes, the important part for Jackson is knowing how to deal with that change and use it to benefit himself without stressing himself out.

4. Change brings about opportunities.  Jackson’s new team could help him develop different skills that could trigger progress in all aspects of his life.  Jackson also has the opportunity to make new friends, and practice his social skills in a new environment.

5. Change can build strength of character.  If Jackson can accept change, good or bad, it will help him develop a hardy personality that can only benefit him in his future life.

Change is never boring.

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