Why Your Phone Should Be An iPhone.

Sometimes I have premonitions.  I looked at my iPhone photos and thought to myself, I should download those, just in case.

The Man is up early every day.  At the cabin, The Man is up even earlier due to the morning light and my could not sleep because I lost my iPhone yesterday light sleeping .  This time I didn’t mind him grinding coffee and waking me up at 4am.  Reason?  Because after he didn’t bring me a cup of joe, he declared “I know where your iPhone is!” .  Those are some of the sweetest words he has ever declared to me. 

My Man had finally updated his iPhone operating system and utilized the Find My iPhone in iCloud. A feature that is priceless for such an important piece/part of my life, one of the many reasons to buy an iPhone over any other device, is for this feature alone.

My Man’s urgency to make me happy, reunite me with my iPhone and for him to win bonus shags end my sorrow over lost pics had me headed to the town of Grand Forks, BC on a treasure hunt, for some really important treasure.  About a year’s worth of pictures that I haven’t downloaded because my laptop was too full, too full to even download and back them up on the external HD.

There are some pretty interesting individuals loitering around Grand Forks, BC at 5am.  I know because I have talked to a few of them this morning.   Desparately hoping that none of them would barter with me for my phone or take-off on their bikes laughing at me whilest waving bye with my iPhone.

As I was driving the 23km to Grand Forks listening to the Band of Horses song No ones gonna love you more than I do,  I contemplated a scenario, consisting of me dialing 9-1-1 while I fought a 53 year old hippie on his bike with a death-grip on my iPhone. 

Find My iPhone is not quite an exact science.  I went to the area that The Man indicated to find my stationary iPhone.  It’s even more  frustrating challenging when The Man was instructing me where to go.  We would not make a good team for Love in the Wild.  I am geographically challenged and The Man is instruction-giving-challenged, perhaps only to me his loving wife.  It’s even more frustrating challenging when both The Man and I use the same Apple ID.  Mental note: change your Apple ID. 

At some points my phone was moving but there was no one around, as per The Man’s observations.  Could it be the 72 year old bearded man with the heavy Russian accent?  Could he have lied to me and had my iPhone in his tattered jacket pocket?  Did his eyes dart suspiciously away from me when I asked about my phone? 

I kept thinking of the scenarios where my phone could have been stolen.  Was it that overtly friendly chatty 50-ish woman, who was oversharing the details of watching My Man bike from Christina Lake to Grand Forks?  Did she grab it from my purse as she flirtly handed him a piece of paper towel to wipe off his sweat? Or maybe she was just an innocent inappropriate flirt.

After we determined which phone was on the move and which one was stationary, The Man starting getting annoyed specific about where I should be looking.  Look on the grass?  Isn’t it there?  Why are you going that way? No! No, it’s halfway between 73rd and Hwy 3! 

At this point, I desparately opened up the garbage can and looked through it.  Yes, it’s true.  I found the wrappers to the M&M’s we had purchased at the Gem Theatre movie for our popcorn.   It was then The Man started to buzz my iPhone.  He kept buzzing but I just didn’t hear it. Anywhere.  I was close… or not.

I angrily sharply asked for more details on the map.  Then The Man switched the map to Satellite view. Let’s just say, it made a difference.

 As I crossed the street and tried to remember all the stores that I went into yesterday, I also pondered all the stores I went into to ask about my iPhone.  Did I go into the Bargain Store?  YES! But I hadn’t bought anything there, that day anyway.  I never went in to ask about my iPhone. It could be there.  The only place that I did not remember to go into and ask yesterday.

Then I peered into the window.  I could see behind the cash.  TA DA!

There sat my iPhone.  I had found my priceless iPhone.  Of course, I was 3 hours too early to claim it, as the store did not open until 9am.  But I was elated.  At 9am I called the store.  They informed me that they did not have an iPhone.  I told them that they do and it is under the front cashier’s desk.   The clerk apologized and reassured me that it indeed was there.  When I picked up the phone, the other clerk informed me that a woman had found it out by the garbage can.  The garbage can where I had put our empty M&M’s peanut wrappers.  Luckily, a good samaritan had returned it and nobody squirreled it away to be jailbroken later. 

The clerk was going to try and call me to find the owner, that’s me, but my phone was locked; the text messages were on private so you can only see who sent the message; you can’t see the pop-up of my bro’s smart message of Please call (this number) if you’ve found this iPhone.  I will get you in contact with the owner. 

That is so much more on the smart side than this panicked stricken person could have thought of. 

Currently, i’m downloading all my phone pictures to The Man’s computer. Live and Learn.


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