The Boy

Jackson,  my boy,  you amaze me.

The amount of love you exude is overwhelming.  Your bedtime kisses are epic and thorough.

Sequence of the bedtime kiss:

A peck on my lips.

Then one on my right cheek.

Then one on my left cheek.

One peck on my forehead.

My right eye is next.

Then my left eye.

A quick nose kiss.

Then back to a peck on the lips.

Just when I think you are done, you kiss the tops of both of my hands.

You are the best at going fast and crashing (and being perfectly fine after), in everything you do; whether sports or bike riding, or just playing superheroes-star wars-power rangers.  I long for the days when you learn to stop.  You have the bruises, cuts, and scars that appear every night reminding me of your days’ crashing escapades.

Morning cuddles are a must.  Dare I get out of bed without one, then I will be informed to get back into bed for the morning cuddle. You cuddle up in the nook of my right arm and become the wedge between your Dad and me.

I love that you are teaching your not-a-fan-of-Star-Wars-Dad all about Star Wars and helping him understand about the good guys and the bad guys.  We will try to turn The Man into a Star Wars nerd together.

For REAL!  Has become your new favourite saying when you are trying to convince me or your Dad about some new and interesting fact.  Or when you are trying to school your parents in the art of life.

Moving and singing to music brings about a joyous, animated Jackson.  You have a rhythmic soul and I love your confidence to let it flow, whether with an audience or by yourself.

I love that you call your sister Sissy or Easty.  Even though you can pester her, you still look out for her.  Nothing will make me forget your unprompted hugs and concern that you give your sister, when she is sad and upset.  I hope you will always be the big brother looking out for your little sister.

At 3 minutes after midnight, on July 25th, you entered into our lives, making them more full.

Our days are tremendous because of you.

Happy 7th Birthday Jackson!  I love you with all of my heart. Forever.




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