Reasons Why Easton and I are Flipping for Triple Flip Wear

 I am impressed with Triple Flip wear for a number of reasons.


Triple Flip Coquitlam Store

Easton is a perfect size 1.  Yes, a 1.  What is a 1? A 1 is the start of the Triple Flip sizing chart.


Minky Easty

Triple Flip Wear has deleted the traditional sizing of XS, S, M, L, XL  and utilized a numbered sizing system starting at Easton’s 1 up to a 16.

Linda Maslechko and Mona Rae Peterson have deleted the traditional sizing with Trip Flip Wear because really, who wants to be the L or XL.  Even to be an XS is not what I wanted when I was younger.  Even though I don’t want to believe that I have hang-ups about sizing, I know that I have been preconditioned to judge myself based on a size.


Mona & Me & Easty (not sure why she has to pose with strangers) & Linda

It all started in school when I was mocked and gasped at for my skinniness  leaness, and while some of you may balk at that, then ponder being called Olive Oyl by your Grade Eight physical education teacher, or having your measurements called out as 20-20-20, as you walk down the high school hallway.  I never wanted to be that XXS, I never wanted a reminder that my body was different.

I think TPF sizing really helps to restructure the language about sizes and helps girls cognitively change their traditional way of thinking.  I find it very empowering as a woman.  I find it very empowering for my daughter, who as a preemie, as always been “aw the cute little girl”.  I don’t want her thinking that she has to be little to be cute.


Headband Smiles & Laughs

That is one of the reason’s why I have been impressed with Linda and Mona’s Triple Flip line.

Cherry On Top Collection: I think we bought every piece

The other reason that really resonates with me is that it is an original Mom business.  It was a Mom who realized that there was not appropriate athletic wear available for girls and utilized her costume designer background to create those clothes for her daughters.  Clothes that grew with her daughters, not just in fit, but in appropriateness.  Linda decided to create clothing that would help her girls with finding respectable appropriate fitting athletic wear; even during those awkward years where torso, legs, chests, and tween-ish bodies have difficulty transitioning from young girl, tween, teenager, to woman.

E & Me

Amazing.  It’s the Cinderella story of every entrepreneur. 

Even more amazing that it is a Mom-preneur.

I was invited to the Grand Opening of the Triple Flip store in Coquitlam Centre, located just before the food court.  We walked the red carpet into the store and were greeted by real girls modeling and posing as the mannequins for the store.  Easty immediately gravitated to the bright, fun, youthful colours and loved everything.    We both met Linda and Mona, who presented my daughter with a gift of a Triple Flip bag of her choosing.  Easty chose the pink & silver patent-looking gym bag, what a surprise.  In the bag contained a pretty purple water bottle with a coupon for a free top.  Easton was all squeals at this point because now she knew she could have one of her latest finds.

Easty & her new favourite bag

We immediately grabbed some items and headed to the stylish change rooms, where we couldn’t decide which change room to try.    The purple, the green, the blue or the pink?  Easty chose the blue room.  It was a fun time trying on all the clothes and I loved the fit and look of everything we had grabbed.  We both wanted everything.  Luckily we received 20% off and a $50.  scratch and win savings card.

Gorgeous colours + Great fit = Happy Easty & Mom


Can't stop moving in her FlipWear.Ballet E.


Ballet E.

The only reason why others would hesitate to buy Triple Flip wear would be the price.  As a family, we are always on a budget and TFW does cost more, especially when your daughter won’t leave the store until you buy everything.

You do get what you pay for though and what you pay for is quality.The quality and fit were far superior to any brand that we have tried.  If you have ever bought any of the gymnastics bodysuits, you know that they range from $30. to $80. respectively; and those can really only be worn for gymnastics (except if your name is Ella).  My daughter wore her FlipWear EVERY day.  The one outfit didn’t see the washing machine until Monday, when I forced her to take it off.

Flip Deals

If you are looking for a deal on Triple Flip Wear, here are my tips.

Go directly to the back of the store by the change-rooms and there you will find the sale rack.  As new styles are available, older styles are cleared out and are more reasonably priced.  I found Easton a whole outfit for about $50.00.  I love a deal!

Do you have a girl who loves to wear Triple Flip Wear?  Then sign up your daughter to become a Triple Flip model.  Once a year in each city where there is a TF store, Triple Flip holds a photo shoot.  It is open to girls of all ages and all sizes.  The models are chosen by email at random, you just have to enter.  No auditions, no judges, no audience voting.

Even if you daughter does not get chosen this year, you will still be signed up to get email promotions and details about all upcoming events.

I had never heard of Triple Flip until I was invited to attend the Grand Opening of the Coquitlam store but Easton and I are so glad that we did.  I love the quality, style, cut and fit, of the clothes. I may not be able to afford a whole Triple Flip wardrobe for Easton but I am more likely to shop here than at other comparable stores.

The most important reason why Easty & I love Triple Flip, is because this business was created by a Mom, is operated by Moms, and owned by Moms.  Canadian Moms!

Super Tykes Ribbon & Certificate

 I am happy to report that Easty is not plucking her shorts & pants out of her crouch.  

That alone is ribbon-winning- worthy in our books!




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