Single Parenting

The Man is away for a work conference in Niagara Falls for six days.

I miss him.

It’s not because it’s difficult being a temporary single parent.  I find that’s its not too different when you are The Mom. There are many times when your spouse is around but not available, so you are the single parent by default.  Sometimes, even if The Man was here, there are some scenarios that Dad is not wanted, even when he is the only parent available.

I kind of have it easy, single parenting it. Not gonna lie.

So, what do I miss, you may ask?

Is it the romance?  The Fifty Shades of The Man? *wink *wink  The flowers?  The thoughtful gestures for no reason?  Heh.

Is it the burping?  The farting?  The impromptu Stanley Piston cup hockey games in my dining room and family room?  Is it the mess?  The extra laundry?  The arguments over who should know what and didn’t I tell you that?

When we decided to share out life together and bring children into the world, our world-our relationship reached a whole new level.

It’s all in the unspoken actions.  How we know each other so well.

That he knows I will always have to drag my ass outta bed almost every morning to turn off his iPhone alarm that sounds at 5:30am, because he can sleep right through it but I sure as hell can’t.  That I will always complain that he is WAY too loud and happy in the morning- how anyone can be that energetic and chipper, it’s exhausting just to watch.  That he’s the only one that can wrestle kids at 6:30 in the morning and still be ready in time to leave.  That I get REAL and LOUD when i’m I running late for anything.  That I will always have to change three times before I go out.  Sometimes our life is like a comedy sitcom and we are definitely the continuous laugh track. Like every time I try to dye my own hair, something new will be permanently stained because of it.  That no matter where he goes, my hair can be found everywhere, on him, in the car, everywhere, and it will annoy the snot outta him.

It’s none of it and all of it.

I miss my partner, my cohort, my witness to everything that we have in our life together.

A Clint Eastwood movie of life, you know, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

I guess I just miss that connection you have with someone who knows you so well, that  I can glance at, and who can tell by how I look at him, just exactly what I am thinking, you know cause he’s been there.

He’s been there for all those Clint Eastwood movie scenes and when’s he’s not, we wish he was.



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