Being Ready

Many times our kids may be physically ready to tackle a new skill or sport but they may not be mentally ready to try this new skill or said sport.

Jackson is a very sensitive, intense, positive boy whose biggest nemesis is his mind.

His mind has rationalized that he must have his training wheels on or his bike would tip over.

That’s why they make training wheels. Right?!  Why would we want to take them off?  For him to fall?

Jackson has also noticed that when he rides with his friends, he is slower.

Jackson decided that his training wheels were holding him back because he was the only six year old with them on his bike, a combination of peer pressure used in a productive way and Jackson’s eagle eye for observation.

He came last every time.  That’s very hard on my sensitive, intense, positive boy.

The next sunny day.  When no one was around.  Jackson asked me to take off his training wheels.

I took off the wheels, only to have the bike chain fall off, every time I tried to fix it.  I was worried that this moment would be lost with the failure of my ability to re-attach a bike chain successfully.

The Man came home and fixed it as quickly as possible hoping Jackson was still invested in trying.

It took all of two minutes, to fix the chain and for Jackson to ride a two wheeler.

The Man held the seat and Jackson pedaled.  Jackson pedaled to the next block.

Then he proudly pedaled in front of Curly Q, Jackson’s friend and classmate.  Curly Q gave Jackson some starting tips and now he’s wants to go biking every day.

The Man and I always knew Jackson could ride without his training wheels but it had to be Jackson who made that decision, not us.

Jackson’s smile beamed from ear to funky monkey ear, he boded such confidence and flatly stated,

“Oh yeah. I can ride without training wheels”.

How do you help build your child’s self-confidence?  Have you ever experienced the effects of peer pressure on your child?  Good or bad?  How did you deal with it?




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