Street Hockey Rules

This weekend was the start of the Cloverdale Minor Hockey Association tournament, that wraps up today.  It will also wrap up Jackson’s first season of hockey.

I am truly sad about it.

After all my apprehension about Jackson fitting in or having an emotional super sensitive moment about his own abilities; or being compared to the other kids who have had a whole season before him, he made me proud by giving his best, easily fitting in and making friends with his team mates.

This year Jackson embraced hockey, in all forms.  Table top rod hockey battles were abundant in our house.  The Man gained a new Canuck’s TV game watching fan, that was just as adamant and vocal when it came to Canuck’s play-by-plays.  Jackson was always playing hockey with his friends at childcare, to the point where I was told to “come back later Mom, i’m still not finished playing”.

I owe it all to his great experience on his H2 Cloverdale FireHawks team.

The Team as Star Wars Lego Characters.

The biggest lesson he learned, was how to be a part of a team.  He was happy when he scored, he was just as happy when his team scored.  A team that we were so fortunate to be on because it was made up of great coaches, great kids, and an even greater group of parents.

I think that one the highlights of the season was the impromptu team gathering that included a pick-up game of street hockey at one of Jackson’s team mates house.

Jackson channeling Luongo.

Easty playing with Dad, one of the big kids.

Loving the view.

Easty as goalie: trying to live up to her name.

 Even though I know that is it practically impossible to keep the same team together, I can only hope that we get to be with some of the same players and families next year.







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