Rhyming with the New 2012 Ford Explorer.

2012 Ford Explorer

My ninety two Jetta is starting to pout,

As I drive the new Twenty Twelve Explorer about,

The Man is impressed with what is on board,

He can’t believe that this “IS a Ford?!”.

Bluetooth that connects my iPhone with ease,

So when then kids ask for Gaga,

They’ll just have to say please.

With a touch of a switch,

On my steering controls,

I have everything that I need with options I couldn’t even venture to know.

Destination & Directions are easy with the on-screen map system.

A screen display that shows a map,

Heat and A/C seats with just a tap,


How cool is that!

The kids CHOOSE to sit,

In the third row,

The back.

It’s all kinds of  roomy,

With drink holders,

and places for snacks.

I really don’t mind,

Them so far away,

I can hear myself think,

That’s my luxury,

That’s my play.

I can change the third row seats,

From upright to flat.

With a touch of a button it’s no sweat off my back.

And if I really need the space,

The third row can stow,

So we can take our Ikea purchases to go.

This all feels like luxury that I can afford!

I just can’t believe that this is a Ford.

The Man was concerned about fuel economy,

But with an EcoBoost engine,

It’s fuel saving technology.

Even with gas savings,

It can still powerfully tow,

But with the fuel-efficiency that now beats other SUV’s at the auto show.

My son started to cry,

“Don’t give it back!”,

“Mommy we could even take this to the cabin and back!”.

But it just isn’t ours,

So we will have to let it go,

If it’s meant to be ours,

Then Daddy will say it’s so!

Disclaimer: I had an opportunity to trial the 2012 Ford Explorer for a week.  The opinions are strictly my own.

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