Movie Review: The Lorax is Seuss-tastical!

The Lorax with my crazy kids.

Just in time for spring break, The Lorax is a classic seussical story that combines the fun, clever rhymes of Dr. Seuss with a wonderful lesson  that resonates with green-living aware families of today.

Seventh Generation, an environmentally friendly product line, has partnered with Universal Studios to bring the Lorax’s message that is in tune to Seventh Generations beliefs.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.” The Lorax.

The story begins with a boy who has a crush on a girl.

Ted’s schoolboy crush on Audrey sends him on a mission to find a “real” Truffula tree in the town of Thneedville.  A town where the grass is painted pavement and where everything is plastic or man-made.

Luckily, Ted’s fun loving Granny (Betty White) has the inside scoop on the Once-ler, a mythical creature that lives outside of the perfect packaged town of Thneedville.  If anyone knows where to find a Truffula tree, the Once-ler surely does.

Ted’s 3D adventure captivated my monkee kids, as they bopped to the music of fun new songs like “Everybody Needs A Thneed” and they giggled and laughed at the classic, silly animated hi-jinx gags that we ALL love in this family.

Spoiler Alert: The ending is a happy one and it made me all teary.  

As a parent, I enjoyed the message of how an individual making just one better choice/decision can help protect the earth and change the outcomes of our health.  How appropriate for Seventh Generation to host this event and unveil a new bottle for their liquid laundry detergent.  

This innovative new bottle is made from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard and newspapers.  It is 100% recyclable.

That’s just 100% BRILLIANT in my opinion.

Are you looking for tips to increase your impact on ensuring a non-Thneedville like future for your children?

Here are a few tips that Seventh Generation shared with me.

      • Set your refrigerator between 2 C and 3 C
      • Keep a pitcher and some reusable bottles filled with water in the fridge to help maintain cool temperatures
      • Avoid buying individually wrapped items like prepackaged snacks and drink boxes
      • The dishwasher uses the same amount of water whether it’s full or not, so only turn it on only when it’s full
      • Wash in cold water – 90% of the energy used while doing laundry goes towards heating the water
      • Use a biodegradable detergent
      • Unplug your computer, printer, DVD player, TV, coffee maker, and cell phone charger when you are not using them – these devises use up power even when they’re turned off!
      • Sign up for paperless billing
      • Host or join an event like cleaning up garbage in your neighbourhood, planting trees, or starting a community garden. 

You can also visit Seventh Generations Facebook page for more green-living tips and a chance to win a vacation, high-efficiency washer/dryer sets, and Seventh Generation products.

The Lorax movie is a great medium to bring a little fun to some serious issues and teach children the importance of individual actions and preserving our world.

Disclosure: My family and I were invited to a special screening of The Lorax hosted by Seventh Generation.  I received a gift bag that contained samples of the Seventh Generation products.   All opinions in this post are strictly my own.


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