I’m Sexy and I Know It!


No, I am not talking about myself here.  This little ditty is what my 4 year old is singing out loud in public.  It’s also combined with a very attitude-ish type hip wiggle.  All to this song by LMFAO.  I am left baffled at how she knows this song?  I don’t play it.  She has DEFINITELY not seen the video.

Then I hear it.


In the background music of the optometrist, at the jeans store in the mall, even at the grocery store.

I may have heard the tune converted into elevator music. Already?!

Even if I don’t play it in the car, it’s being played everywhere.

Older adults (senior citizens) are shocked and outraged.  They shake their head at me and Easty.

“That’s NOT right!” they comment.  I shrug my shoulders.

Teenagers and twenty year olds laugh and think it’s cute.

“Aw that’s so cute!”.  I shrug my shoulders.

Easty repeating the same sentence. Over, and over, and over again.

I try to get her to stop cause it’s driving me insane when the horrified shock looks glare at me and judge my parenting.

Then Easty blurts out,

“What DOES sexy mean Mom?”.

Then everybody realizes, including myself, that if she doesn’t know what it means, how is it a bad word, to her?

I hum.  I haw.  I just tell her that it’s not appropriate for a four year old to say.

“Oh.” says my little curious, musical, inappropriate Easty.  Then Easty continues, not to sing, but to hum the song.

It’s alright Easty.  It is a catchy tune.



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