The P’s of Pick-up

Drop-off and pick-up at a school of over eight hundred has it’s challenges.  I would rather be late for Easton’s preschool, than to have to battle the traffic that jams up our elementary school’s  parking lot and drop-off lanes.

Every so often, we have an important appointment that forces me to drive and pick up Jackson. Sigh.

I personally have to find my happy place prior as I know that there is always a guaranteed level of stress that accompanies this task.  At our elementary school, I have probably witnessed more parking violations than a Surrey enforcement by-law enforcement officer.

Prepare to come a half-hour early if you want to get a Pole Position Parking spot in the drop-off lane.

Easty calls it the No P's Zone

Where technically, you are not supposed to be parking but everyone who has a spot has been parked there for a half-hour.

I prefer to park in the parking lot.  There are some empty spots but they are in the back.  Something about that back location being out of kid-exiting-school-site-lines, is what make them unfavorable and what makes this a more favorable option.

Where's parking enforcement when you need them.

I am proud to say that our school is an accessible school.  We have great parking for individuals with a disability.

Vehicles parked here must display approved identification.

Not during drop-off or pick-up though.

Are they displaying the proper identification?


Negative. No identification displayed.

This is my ALL-TIME favourite.  Favourite because I work with individuals who have disabilities and well unless needing new highlights is a disability  let’s just say, this woman shouldn’t be parking here.  I know I saw her walk out of her car she didn’t display the necessary identification.

No I stand corrected.  This is my ALL-TIME FAV!  Easty playing with my phone and me finding this pic and many other pictures, during an infection control meeting at work.

Easty Faces.

I guess there are a few fun things about pick-up.

What is pick-up and drop-off like at your school?  Are you an offender or a rule follower?  What is your biggest pet peeve about pick-up and drop-off?






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