How much is $100 dollars worth?

I went to pick up Jackson from afterschool care.

“How much is a hundred dollars worth Mom?” asked my very eager, inquisitive six year old.

It’s a lot Jackson, why? 

“I want to buy an iPad.” Jackson stated so mater-of-factly.

Well it’s a more than a hundred dollars.  It’s at least six, maybe even eight hundred dollars.

“Oh.  What about two hundred?  Do you think I could maybe buy a Skylander with two hundred dollars?”

Sure.  You could probably buy a couple Skylanders.  If you could find them.  They are always sold out.

“Oh.” said Mr. Jackson, sounding all dejected.

We went to leave but then Jackson started getting really upset.  I mean really upset.  I finally got my little clam to talk to me.

“We can’t go! I left something on the bus!” shouted Jackson.  He then proceeded to argue with one of the daycare girls and was adamant about not leaving until he got “it” from the bus.  The daycare girl reassured Jackson that he could get “it” the next day as the bus was now locked and the person with the keys had gone.  We left, as it was the only thing we could do.

Jackson was sour the whole ride home.  He proclaimed his frustrations with me and told me “I am mad at you Mom.  I really, really NEEDED it!” but again he refused to tell me what “IT” was.

Later that night, we started doing Jackson’s homework and I realized where and why all those questions about money came about.


100 days at school

Jackson had been at school for a 100 days and he was given a  hundred dollar bill to mark the occasion, a fake one hundred.

Too bad he didn’t realize that the $100.  was not real.  I guess not too many six year olds in this family know what REAL $100 bills look like. They are definitely not the size of a business card.








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