That Hurts.

I remember being about 10 or 11.  I swore I was the LAST person ever in the entire world to get earrings.  My Mom told me that I could get them, as long as I didn’t cry.  I didn’t realize that perhaps after I got them, is when the tears would come.  I didn’t cry but I so wanted to.

Easty was constantly commenting that she didn’t “have holes in her ears” and that she “wants holes in her ears” or “look how cute that girl is” “she’s my age, she has earrings but I don’t”.   I have lived with it for a whole year.  I tried the magnet stud earrings but they hurt after a while.  I know, I tried it cause I wasn’t totally believing my eager-to-have-earrings 4 year old.

To be honest, I did want East to have them done but it was The Man who really was putting the brakes on this.   I think The Man doesn’t want to see his little girl getting older or even looking older, ever.

I finally gave in.

I was just concerned that she would pull them out by accident.  That’s why I was totally mommy tyrant “DON”T TOUCH!” to her.  Little did I know, that the worst part of the earring experience is the 3 times a day solution situation.  Don’t worry Easty didn’t let me forget.  Personally, I think she just likes all the attention.

Just like her Dad.

How old were you when you first got your ears pierced?  

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