Taking Action

This Sunday I took a step toward taking Action.  I went for my first run of 2012 and it took 30 minutes into the run before I actually felt good and 45 minutes before my hips and shins were telling me that I need new running shoes.  All those spin classes in my runners trashed my support.

I brought home coffee, figuring The Man would be rushing to make the Parent & Child hockey time of 9:30 (9am with Jackson putting on his own gear) and might not have had a chance to make coffee.  How thoughtful, right?!

Instead I came home to find my two hockey players connected to multiple screens.  Jackson was watching movies on the iPad and The Man was getting jacked on Sportsnet Connected on the TV and iPhone, while lying in bed.  Easty was also plugged into the downstairs TV.  That’s 3 monkeys tied to their screens.

I was not happy.

I was informed that Jackson didn’t want to go.  Gee, I wonder why?  I got Jackson to look away from the screen to ask him the question myself.  Didn’t he just tell me, on his own, that he was excited to play hockey with Dad?  Wasn’t that just yesterday? Jackson didn’t answer and got sucked back into the screen.

I pulled Mommy Rank.  I actually used an ultimatum and even threatened.  I notified the boy that there would be a future of no iPad, no TV, no DS if he didn’t step away from the screen and get ready for hockey.

It worked.

The Man was also included in the speech, not directly, just instinctively though.  The Man who didn’t really try too hard to convince The Boy, is the same Man who didn’t try too hard to convince The Boy that swimming when the girls were at The Nutcracker would be a good thing.  All I had to do was ask how the slide was and The Boy commented that he didn’t know that Dad wanted to go to the SLIDE pool, or he would’ve gone.

My Man is obviously not destined for the 6 year old debate team or 6 year old convincing team.

I know that when we were perfect parents, you know before we actually had the children, that we would not bribe or force the children to do something that they did not want to do.

But seriously, I didn’t think I would be the ONLY one taking any Action in the family for 2012.

Monkey CYAB.

Do you have a rule about screen times?  Do you apply the rules to yourself?  How are you taking action in 2012?




  1. oh I have the samething in my house, most of the time I schedule things on Saturdays as I work …this time around I work . Screen time is very controled in our house as we have stated to our daughter that those wii, ds, computer ect is all rewards.. DS does not get used in the house. I am bad for the computer not so much TV but with us only having sundays together we find we shut off the TV as we simply have stuff to do.
    Good Luck

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