It’s Perfect

Nothing is better than waking up early to a huge snowfall (by Vancouver standards), on a Saturday. ┬áThere’s something magical about the snow in the glow of the morning sunrise.

Straight from jammie’s & bedheads to snowsuits & toques.


Excited for the first snowfall of 2012. 7am.

Jackson being SNOW-Goofy.

Willingly shoveling the stairs. Lasted about 2 minutes.

The kid-made wonky eyed snowman with moldy carrot nose. I knew I was keeping that carrot around for a reason.

Jackson trying imitate the wonky eyed snowman. Popeye-ish isn't it.

Perhaps I should feed them some breakfast, especially if Jackson is willing to eat the fuzzy green carrot!

The Man woke up in time to congratulate me on my sidewalk shoveling with the mini-shovel (we don’t have a proper snow shovel- just keep meaning to buy one & then winter’s over) and take the kids to the school to go have some fun sledding.

Lucky Man, if I do say so myself.


How much snow fell in your neighbourhood this Saturday?  Did you get a chance to enjoy it?



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