It’s day 7 and I am still tripping over the balance board.  Although it’s not been said, The Man must be resolving to “get fit/healthier” this year.  I am proud of him for focusing on health.  I know that increasing his fitness level will make him a less stressed, happier, healthier Dad.  It’s also great entertainment for me to to see Easty beside Daddy, wiggling her hips and copying his hula-hooping.   Those Easty & Daddy hips don’t lie and my abs are aching from the laughter.

About this time, every year, resolutions are being broken.   Most often the resolutions focus on changing specific things about ourselves and our lives.  Many resolutions are not realistic, as many of us would already be changing these aspects of our lives if it was as easy as just stating them.   Instead of setting resolutions, I decided to focus my energy on what I want to attract to my life.  Intentions.  Intentions focus on what one wants for their future and are more of a future wellness goal.  After reading Amber’s inspiring post on I decided that I would choose a word of intention to guide me through 2012.

I found a site with 30 Power Words to help me focus on my 2012 word of intention.  The words come with phrases and actions to help me focus my energy.

Problem was that I couldn’t just choose one, I decided to choose four.


Power Phrase: Open to Possibility, Dwell in Possibility.
Power Action: Open to receiving, practice non-judgment, try new experiences.


Power Phrase: Step Into Power, Awaken My Potential.
Power Action: Let go of fears, step up, take charge.


Power Phrase: I am a Money Magnet, Multiple Streams of Income, Financial Freedom
Power Action: Shatter limiting money beliefs, adopt prosperity consciousness, worry less but keep vibrations up.


Power Phrase: Just Do It, A thousand-Mile Journey Starts with a Single Step, Inspired Action.
Power Action: Take inspired action, avoid procrastination.

What is your focus for 2012?  How will you focus your energy to attract what you want in 2012?  What is your word of intention?

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