Mondays.  This Monday I could have stayed in bed.  This Monday the kids could have stayed in bed.  This Monday we all stayed in bed until 8 am.  The we had to rush.

As we were rushing around to get everyone dressed or actually have Mommy watch everyone get dressed, Easty says “look what I found Mommy”.  From behind Easty’s baby doll play crib, she produces this lovely item.

I asked where she got this lovely item.  Jacks’s room

I asked if she drank it.  First she said no, then Easty said, just a little bit.  I’m sorry.

I got worried.  This couldn’t have been in Jackson’s room, maybe she found it outside from one of the littering teenagers.  I even smelled it to see if there may have been something funny with it.  After I was truly in a frenzy, I called The Man.

I informed him that his daughter had found a caffeinated, sugary drink and that she had been sneakily storing it behind her baby doll crib.  I also told him my concerns, that perhaps she found it outside because surely Jackson would not have such a thing in his room.

First he laughed at his daughter’s little sneakiness.  Then I laughed at her sneakiness.

Then I told repeated my concerns again, as to where she might have found it.

That’s when The Man guiltily confessed.  He had bought Jacks the pop after hockey on Friday.

Seriously?!  Pop.  Not even a non-caffeinated root beer or sprite, a cola.

As I lectured discussed the problems with this beverage and how it cannot quench any after hockey thirst, The Man agreed and then quickly zoned out my ‘healthy benefits and healthy food for kids’ talk.

Basically, I ended up dramatically calling it crack for kids…

…but I truly believe that if you let children have a taste for this type of beverage and for junk food, that they will want it.  What do you think?







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