Wednesdays of a Few Words: What I Have In Common With Justin Bieber

At some point while The Man was playing  ‘primary caregiver’, he promised Easton ‘the memory elephant’ Jesson (aka child who doesn’t forget a promise) that they/she could have fish.  I obviously wasn’t around, as I have been the keeper of many fish, amphibians, furry animals of any kind, and reptiles and find that everything poops more than is conceivably possible and that everything is way too much work.

I firmly put my foot down – no animals- because I.

Yes. I.

I can’t take the heartache when they die. And I.

I know from experience that I will be taking care of them.

I will NEVER have animals again.

I will NEVER have fish again.


Look who got her way. Lizzie no, Bertha no, Rainbow now the male betta fish.


I will NEVER have anything furry that resembles any type of rat/mouse type vermin.

Marvin the female dwarf hamsters home. Jackson pretending to eat like Marvin the female hamster.


She's really cute but fast. That's her butt.

 Fish are boring.  I have to agree with Jackson on that point.  Instead of fish, Jackson convinced me that these very cute, fast, dwarf hamsters, were WAY more fun.

Problem is that it’s almost impossible to catch him err her.

GAWD. I hope it doesn’t escape.

Do you have pets?   What was your first pet? Do you think it’s important for children to have pets?


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