The Worst Job As A Parent

It’s the chore that I detest but it must be done.

Throwing out Editing the kids artwork and school work.  We have scads of it.

Wall of Artwork.

Basket of Artwork.

Fridge of Favourite Artwork.

Personally, I would love to keep everything but really it’s just not realistic.

Some artwork has a story too good to forget and too precious to throw away.  This picture was made at our good friend’s place, where their oldest daughter is considered a goddess in my 6 year old’s opinion.  He LOVED drawing this alien.  He LOVED this drawing. But Jackson was willing to give it away, just because his 8 year old crush wanted it.

Let’s just say he was torn but in the end, he did go home with it.  It’s definitely ‘frame worthy’.

The Dilemma.

How do you prevent becoming a kid artwork horder?  What do you keep and what do you throw away?


  1. i’m with you! i wish i could keep it all but my daughter is a prolific artist – i just can’t keep up! i toss+keep on a daily basis – the best goes on the fridge + the other keepers get put in a box. i sort thru the box later 😛 i came across a great idea [cookie magazine?] for cataloguing your child’s art – the art was scanned + then shrunk down to very small scale. the collection of tiny images were then printed on one large poster + then framed as one. so cool!

  2. I stored all the artwork and school work in large plastic boxes and then at the end of the school year I selected out all the unnecessary stuff and kept the rest. Te VERY best things I had framed and after storing everything in a closet for a few years I went through the boxes and took out anything redundant or unremarkable. Eventually you get a manageable portfolio.

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