It’s Official

Today is a day of firsts.

Jackson’s first hockey tournament.

Jackson’s first 7am game, which means getting up at 5:15am and trying to arrive for the game by 6:30am.  Waking a sleepy non-morning monster (my gene’s there) and trying to encourage some breakfast during moans and groans of

“But I need more sleep Mom”.

Don’t we all Jackson.

I witnessed Jackson’s first official goal, which was “AWESOME!” in Jackson’s opinion.  Especially when “the crowd cheered for me!” says my gaped-tooth smiling guy.  You always hope that they just enjoy the sport they are playing but it’s pretty great when your little player does actually succeed and gets an understanding of the true “experience”.

 It’s gets me and The Man all misty-eyed.

This afternoon will be Jackson’s first time in net as a goalie.  Jackson’s excited but like every other parent I know, I hope he doesn’t like it. Heh.  Goalie equals $$$.

It’s official.

Are you a hockey parent?  Is this the start of early morning Tim’s/Starbucks runs?  What do you do with siblings?  Do you bring them?




  1. Hockey mom all the way, so much so that I own that mug. By tomorrow I will have been at a rink 14 times in 16 days! We go as a family and will do so until schedules conflict.

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      After that 7am game, I think I DESERVE that mug. It’s definitely big enough to hold my 1st cup of morning coffee!

  2. Welcome to hockey hell, ha ha. Goalie Mom of 6 years here! It only gets more and more and more. We play 10 mos of the year and travel, hopefully to LA this year! Disney…. we try to take the other child as little as possible, he has grown up at the rink and likes breaks. That said he still comes a lot… bag of food, dvd player, video games and toys in tow! Timmy’s all the way…….

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