Being Proud

I am a proud Hockey Mom.

This is the first year Jackson has played hockey.  The Man and I wanted to wait until he asked to play hockey and it actually came sooner than we expected.   I think his former Kindergarten playmates may have made a convincing argument, as all of them played H1 hockey.  I registered Jackson this year for H2 Association hockey and even though I had some reservations that he would stick with it, he has proven to me that he enjoys it and wants to play.

I wasn’t sure if I would ever be a Hockey Mom, as Jackson believes in ‘fairness’ and doesn’t have that natural ‘competitive need’ to go after the puck.  He’s really into skating around in circles and being able to crash into the boards and fall on the ice in his gear.  He’s happy that he just touches the puck, let alone score a goal.

Today I was proud of my Hockey Player.  It wasn’t because he finally learned to stop properly instead of dragging his back foot, and so then we would have to stop calling him Jackson ‘Bowling Ball’ Jesson.  It wasn’t because he finally stopped talking to his own goalie on his shift and actually followed the puck and play.  It wasn’t because he finally scored a goal or passed the puck, he’s already done that and I didn’t get all Hockey Mom proud.  And even though I was impressed he defended his goalie by knocking the puck off the opposing offensive players stick, just like his Dad, this wasn’t the reason I was proud of my Hockey Player.

I was proud Hockey Mom because my Hockey Player took off all his gear, from his helmet to his skates.  Put every bit of equipment in his bag, zipped up his bag after he dressed himself, while even remembering to put on a clean shirt.  Then my Hockey Player carried his bag on his shoulder, which is old school and has no wheels, and his stick all the way to the car and put it in the trunk.

I am a proud Hockey Mom.

What has your child done that has made you proud?  



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