Playing Fair

My Cloverdale Firehawk in training.

I am constantly concerned about being an equal and fair parent.  I don’t want to play favourites.  I have seen the repercussions of favouritism, not with my parents, but with friends and it’s ugly.

It’s a bit of a losing battle, unless you have twins, because you remember what it was like to dote on every waking breathe of your first child.  An equal and fair parent is always trying to make up to the second child for all that luxury alone time that the first one received, before their world was turned upside-down by their younger sibling.

I am the parent that is constantly thinking of the other child, even during our individual alone time we take with each child.  It’s rubbing off on the kids though, whenever they are alone with a parent, they also mention that we should “get one for Easty/Jacksy too!”  I love the thoughtfulness that it seems to have instilled in them.  Those are those moments that I am proud to be the parents of these little humans.

So, you can understand my dilemma when I found that Jackson’s hockey practice was smack-dab in the middle of Easton’s gymnastics.

Let me give you a little background about Association hockey in Cloverdale.  Like most kid activities, you register way before the activity starts.  For hockey, you register in May for returning players and June for new players.  The players then do evaluation skates to determine the teams that they will be on.  Evaluations skates help coaches make the teams even, so you don’t have all the phenoms on one team and all the non-listeners on another.  After two sessions of evaluations skates, the teams are picked.  When you find out your team, then you find out your practice day.  This happened at the end of September, well after most fall activities have started.

The only night that we had anything for Easton was Tuesdays from 5:05-6:30pm.  Jackson’s practice was from 6:50-7:50pm.


In Asssociation hockey, their belief is that hockey should be the main sport of the child, what they don’t understand is that usually people don’t have just one child.  This means that hockey ends of being the sport that either rules the kids schedules or the sport you have to drop because it ruins the kids schedules.

The first night, we did The Man coming home early to pick Easty up from gymnastics while I took Jackson from the outskirts of Langley all the way to the edge of South Surrey.


We had heard from other parents that it was almost futile to try to change practice days, because of they way teams were chosen and how emails never get returned.  But I like to live on the edge, HEH, and emailed directors starting from the top and working my way down.

Luckily, the Association had some compassion and traded Jackson to one of the other 5 teams.  Luckily, the coach informed me, that Jackson was traded, as I was a second away from dropping  gymnastics because I still hadn’t been informed of the official trade.  It took an annoying amount of emails, instigated by myself, to find out from a variety of sources what time Jackson’s practice was on.  Luckily, the coaches of Jackson’s new team were on it, as  I don’t think the director of our level was anywhere near correct in anything that was sent to us, except for telling us second-hand he was traded.  It’s a little frustrating but it’s all sorted out now and…

…I have two equally happy kids.

Not a gymnastics picture but I love her prima ballerina pose.







  1. That is awesome you put so much effort into making everything work. You are a good Mama and your kids are lucky to have you 🙂

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