The Dread

This is the time when I wish I didn’t work, the start of school.  When you think you have it all sorted out but really you are walking a tightrope, hovering over the Mom Fail Zone.  I know I am not the only one but in my house it feels as if the whole shebang is up to me and my planning or lack of planning.

I just realized yesterday that I hadn’t heard from either Jackson’s before & after school care OR Easty’s new childcare.   Luckily, I quickly made some phone calls/emails from home and found that everything was all in place and there was nothing to worry about.

I guess that I have been focusing on what I dread.  My Dread is the packing of the all day lunch. I have difficulty with lunches in general as  I never know what to make.  If they eat too much, then they don’t eat supper/dinner, and are hungry just before bed.  If they eat too little, they are famished when they get home, and snack their hunger away until bedtime. Jackson needs to eat or how will he be able to concentrate on anything but his tummy grumbling.

First grade means a full lunch.  I dread making the lunches.  I dread the packing of the lunches.  I mostly dread the time and the effort to create a healthy lunch and it either being not eaten or thrown out at school or at home.

I have included the kids in “the art of packing their lunch” but for some reason, they just lack variety in their choices.  Jackson believes he could sustain himself on watermelon and Easton swears she could live off toast and butter.

In a mild panic, I searched the internet and bookstore for ideas.  I bought Good Food to Go by Brenda Bradshaw & Cheryl Mutch, M.D. then realized that I don’t even make lunches this appealing for myself.

I paused the panic button and took the time to read Amber Strocel’s latest post on Crafting My Life titled : Collecting Your Successes.  Then I breathed and realized that my Dread was only magnified by my perspective of it and that I should be applauding my organizing of other back-to-school tasks that I have accomplished.

I plan to try some new ideas & recipes for the lil’ monkees lunches and have decided not to stress over it.  As in life, there will be some successes and surely there will be some failures.  I might even plan to share a few lunch ideas and outcomes this school year.

What does your child like to eat for lunch?  What are your lunch staples?  Do you plan for the week or do you make it last minute?  What are your favourite & your children’s favourite lunches?  How do you make lunches less stressful?


  1. As you know I don’t have kids but I’m just as picky as they are and I’ve been around enough of them to know what works and what doesn’t work.. so a couple winners are:
    1. pb&j rolls.. make it like you normally would but instead of bread use wraps and then cut them into bite size.. kids always like little food
    2. ladybug treats made out of crackers (as the base) cream cheese, cherry tomatoes cut in quarters (you’ll use 2 for the wings) a grape for the head (or an olive but I prefer grapes) and nutella as the dots on the wings
    3. fruit kabobs – always a favorite and add cheese!!
    4. cheese, crackers and some kind of meat.. another finger food.. I think I have a pattern here add some fruit and veggies with dip and it can be a balanced meal
    5. make sandwiches into shapes using cookie cutters

    Hope this inspires you a bit!

  2. Naomi Jesson says:

    Thank Photogirl! Unfortunately no PB is allowed or I would be safe. J’s my picky one, E’s easy to please. She would probably love the ladybug idea 🙂

  3. My kids love the little individual bags of blueberries and carrots that I buy at Costco, and of course PB&J <– I think they could live off of that! But no nuts at our school. I know what you mean…ideas are hard!

  4. It is absolutely an art! The art of packing food and LOVE in the lunch box. So much fun!

  5. Packing lunch in a box is an art by itself, you are reminding your kids to remember a lovely lunch meal.

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