Port Kells Outdoor Pool

The start to summer was so slow this year, that it seems all our usual summer adventures had been delayed.

Last year, I almost forwarded our mail to Port Kells Outdoor pool.  This year, not so much.

As a last ditch effort to regain our outdoor pool summer venue, we transcended upon Port Kells prepared for the mass of people that the long weekend would surely bring.  We were prepared for this..

We were not prepared for this…

We found ourselves missing the hot afternoon swim and waiting until the 5:30pm evening swim.  There was supposedly ‘floaters’ in the water that needed to be filtered.

It was a long hour and a half.

Finally, the pool was going to open but we visited one more place.  Just so we wouldn’t be the ones causing any spillage.

And this is how bathroom phobias are formed.

Missing from picture: multiple cobwebs; paper towel/working hand dryer; the stench of a lovely public bathroom.

Where was your worst bathroom experience?  

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