Freaky Flying

I can’t say that I have ever liked flying before I had children because I have never taken a passenger airplane before I had children.

When I was in my ’20s, I had always joked that the plane  would crash before I reached my destination.  It wasn’t a funny joke but people laughed at how ironic that situation would be.

Now I just get concerned that both of us, the parental units, would be leaving the kids with someone other than their biological parents to raise them, if we don’t make it.  I always think it would be better if one of us was still here.  This is why I double-ly hate flying together.  I have heard of parents taking separate flights because of this.  Then again, who do they really want when they are hurt and truly sad? It’s usually Mom.  I also worry that if I was gone, the Man would still have to continue working full-time, he’s an business owner, so he would also need enough money for full-time care?

I only worry about this as we know a few families that were hit hard emotionally and financially, when the Dad passed away by some rare occurring condition and/or uncommon disease which left children and a spouse behind.  This made me think, how prepared are we?

So when people ask me if I am excited to go away with my husband, without the children, I only half-heartily say yes.  You can bet I was squeezing a hand hard when we took off and landed.

Am I a freak for thinking this?

Who do you leave your children to be raised by if you are gone?  Do  you have a recent will?  Do you have an insurance?  Mortgage or life insurance?  Do you just want to AVOID talking about death all together?  Do you think it’s necessary to discuss the “in case of” plan right now.



  1. I thought the same thing when I flew to Vegas earlier this year….I am way over insured as I am overly worried as well as I think that this is a very rational fear, I also made sure my will was updated as well…just in case. I work for a bank that I see what happens when things are not planned for…you will have a great time and I am sure nothing will happen

  2. I want to avoid it all-together because it means having to face my own mortality. I also hate hate hate flying. I’d rather walk there, take a train or even a bus. Something about being billions of feet in the clouds without a giant tramp to catch me or even a parachute on my back, that kinda freaks me out. As for leaving the kids. We don’t. JJ is old enough to be left alone now at almost 13 but Trace won’t stay with anyone for too long before sobbing uncontrollably he wants us. So for right now we just don’t go anywhere.

    Great post hun! 🙂

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