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Last year, 2010,  I had taken a hiatus from running and focused on spinning (intense cycling endurance) and weights at the gym.   I really didn’t think that I would miss running, as I never classified myself as a runner.  The only part that I thought I truly loved was when I was finished.  Not even running 6 half-marthons in 12 months could convince me that running was my thing, or a niche of my fitness personality.

I was wrong.

I truly do miss it.  The early, early morning hilly training runs that E would surprise me with.  The late night after the kids were asleep runs so the the Mister’s wouldn’t be as cranky about it all the time-consuming training runs nights.  The tech shirts, the finishing medals, the race numbers, the gels, the water belts, the running geek gear.

The part that I miss the most is the amazing conversations with my best running buddy, who never let me down and never backed out of runs or races at the last moment.  I miss being tripped by K-dog or cursing that I forgot to start my garmin 20 minutes into the run or forgetting to stop it when I was finished.

I miss it all.

So when I heard that Nicole was putting together a blogger Run for the Cure team together: Bloggers for Boobies, I felt it was time to lace of those Mizunos again. I have never Run for the Cure, but felt that it was a cause so close to me, that I knew one day that I would.  Nicole of Resolving Timeline Issues, is an amazing blogger who welcomed me into the Bloggers for Boobies running team and essentially helped kick start my running nerd love again.

It’s true what they say about love.  You never know that it’s true love until it’s gone.  If it’s true it will come back to you.

If you would like to help me reach my goal, please click on the icon below or visit my donation page HERE.  I need to raise $150.00 by September 16th.  Please help me reach my goal.  Thanking you in advance.

The run is October 2nd, come down and cheer us on.


  1. Looking forward to running with you!

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