Wednesdays of a Few Words: Happy SHAG-iversary

Sometimes when you are dating someone, you hold back, you refrain from showing all your “cards” at once.  Why play your whole hand until you actually know who you are dealing with?

This was not the case with The Man.  He is who he is and I love him for it.

My first official date with The Man consisted of him instructing me on how to squash the Mongolie Grill’s freeze-dried meat with another bowl to get the most meat into your bowl and essentially, the most bang for your buck out of your meal.  I knew right then and there, there were not going to be a whole-lotta five star dinners in my future with this one.

The Man is also a comedian.

When you have a history of being a comedian, you have a tendency to re-use your material more than once.  Even if it isn’t completely HA, HA funny the first time.  Constant repetition or alcohol can maybe finally get it the laugh that you think it deserves. Just like David Letterman, jokes just keep getting repeated until they are so bloody old, that you have to laugh at the history of the cheezy-relentless attempt and effort of that person, to try to coax a laugh out of you.

Every year, once in July and once in August, The Man makes the same joke as we pass by Exit 116 on our way to Christina Lake and makes the same joke on our way back home.  Can you guess what the joke is?

It just never gets old. 

 Happy 15th Shag-aversary!

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