Two Plus One Equals Three *The Gig is Up*

As the third wave of babies starts breaking, I am surprised more and more by how many families are having a third child in this economy.   The Man and I never really talked about anything more than two, but then I think that if we were not so long in the tooth younger, and if we maybe hit the lottery.

That is until I talk to families that do have three children.  Their biggest legitimate problem is that the world is made for a family of four, or at least round numbered  families.  None of the families would ever trade-in their children but they have experienced problems when trying to buy tickets to the Olympics or events; book hotel rooms; get family deals on flights; childcare; and such.   How many times have you seen a deal to Disneyland for a family of five?   It’s always for a family of four.  This truly isn’t fair.  I couldn’t imagine trying to schedule three children’s sports & activities, it would become a full-time job, almost in need of an outside personal assistant to keep it all straight.

The most concerning reason is why some people are having a third, i’m not generalizing, this is just what I have heard from actual families.  REPEAT this is NOT EVERYONE’s REASONS, I know that.  Don’t shoot the messenger.  This is what I have been told directly.

Sadly one mother said she was bored and lonely; one friend didn’t want to return to work; another because all her other friends were having a third and that she didn’t want to MISS OUT by not having another; then there is the – I have two boys/two girls and we want a girl/boy; there was also the one Dad who didn’t go back after his vasectomy to have his sperm count tested; and there were also a couple of OOPSy Daisy’s in there.

*Fingers in Ears* La, La, La, I really don’t want to hear why.

I have to admit something.  It’s my biggest beef with parents with three children.  It’s the complaining about money that seems to have arisen from these parents.  Just because you have three doesn’t give you licence/leeway to make more beefs about, well, almost everything financial about having a family of five.

DISCLAIMER: I am not talking ABOUT ALL parents of three. OKAY.

I had one family complain about the cost of sports, especially hockey.  Guess what? Hockey is expensive, it’s the same for every child and if you have three fast growing children then perhaps a sport like hockey shouldn’t be in the sports repertoire.

Or the complaints about the overcrowded public school system.  Put them in private school then.  Can’t afford private, well then suck it up buttercup.  The public school system doesn’t upgrade you cause you have three, you’re with the rest of us.  My favourite complaint came from a mom who had to suffer with a low-grade minivan instead of a more luxurious sedan.  Then went on to complain that it was because they needed to put three kids into private school.  The GIG is up. First off, you have another *new* vehicle and you are putting them in private school.

My favourite is just the general complaints about the money it costs to have a third.  I think that if a family that is having a third child they should know how much a child or two costs.  The GIG is up. If you can plan to have a third, then you should also be planning for the cost of a third.

I have very little patience for familes of five complaining about how much extra they had to pay for a vacation when clearly, they can afford the vacation.  Guess what? The GIG is up because if you honestly couldn’t afford it you wouldn’t be going.

Complaining about the cost of both soccer, hockey, and school supplies- The GIG is up again. I say you can afford soccer and hockey for all three?!  And school supplies, really, it’s school supplies, you have to buy them no matter what the cost.

Yes, I’m sorry to hear that taking your family of five to a restaurant cost you so much money.  The GIG is up. You still went out for dinner, didn’t you?

Whatever the reason, three has become the new number for many families that I know.  I think it’s great that parents are  willing to be outnumbered by their children.  In our house, I bet that the kids would eventually revolt, overthrow us, and takeover the governing parental units power.

Who am I kidding, I think that they already do that now.

How many children did you plan to have? How many do you have?  




  1. We (or should I say me) wanted 4 but ended up with 3, partly due to age and partly circumstances. Well that and the fact I could have had twins again and ended up with 5!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The funny thing is you just said what we all thought. I know everyone makes their own choices but that means that they should live with them too.

  3. Rebecca Sayther says:

    I don’t think u said what everyone was thinking. I think this post is insulting to people with three kids and not informative or interesting in anyway. What ever happened to ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’? Blogs are supposed to be either informative or entertaining – this is just scathing and unprofessional.

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      Hi Rebecca thanks for commenting. I think it’s important to know that blogs are individual people’s perspectives, at that time. I don’t know WHICH BLOGS you are reading but blogs can be ANYTHING and may not even contain words e.g. photo blogs. Feel free to google/bing the definition. If you choose to believe that a blog should be informative or entertaining and you believe that mine is not, please don’t read it. I blog with integrity. I live what I write. I truly stand by what I say in real life and online.

      I published your comment because I believe that you missed the whole point of what my post is about. I don’t like anybody who complains about a situation that they choose to put themselves in, whether it’s having three children or being in an negative relationship. I would like to encourage others to change their way of thinking and stop with the negative talk. We all choose our life paths but to complain about it in social media or in person CONSTANTLY is ridiculous. If you don’t like your situation, then change it, if you can’t then work with it. I have quite a few friends with three children, it’s hard financially for them all but they don’t constantly COMPLAIN about it and they all agree whole heartily about this post. They were the ones that brought this to my attention. They are not insulted by this post, they agree. The problem is the constant negative complaints that do nothing but spread that negativity to everyone. We all make our choices, why can’t we live with them?

      I am all about venting, hence this blog, but maybe we should realize that there are many people that agree with me, but are too scared to say anything because of individuals that take opinions/blog posts personally instead of seeing them for what they are. Just trying to be honest here. If you don’t agree than that’s fine, I will always agree to disagree but this is MY OPINION. Don’t like it? Then don’t read it.

  4. I love your BLOG! And I agree, I have tons and I mean TONS of friends that have recently had there 3 rd and some on there 4th…. so I am noticing it everywhere…The ones that really both me are the ones that complain about money ect…and you made the decision… I am pregant with my second and we are done, done, done it took us 6 years to decide on the second one as I was worried about money, lifestyle ect.

    Life is about choices and when a choice to have a 3rd or more is made then you need to deal with the reality that comes with it.

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      Congratulations on your 2nd Danyelle! We were humming and hawing about the financials for a second too. One was very manageable but were we willing to make financial sacrifices for a 2nd? We did but I admit, it isn’t easy. I think maybe sometimes people think that the money will just come. I tend to be more realistic and have to budget it out. Thanks for commenting Danyelle!

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