Falling Apart/Robots Need Love Too (My Dan Mangan rip-off)

If 40 is going to be my new 30, then somebody please tell my aging body, more specifically my back.

I woke up out of my bed, surrounded by children that obviously snuck into my bed whilest I was completely passed out, removed the size 2 1/2 boy foot from my lower back and got up. Then I froze.  Not because the children were waking.  Not because I thought I heard someone breaking into our house.  I literally froze.

My upper back decided to play J.Geils’s  ‘freeze frame’ song without letting me know.  The tingling pain was a completely new sensation.  I instantly became a robot…

..and I agree with Dan Mangan, “Robots need love too”.

I found needed love at work.  At work I am surrounded by outstanding professionals, who are really sweet enough to actually recognize that something about you is different.  That perhaps you are walking like a robot and your back is one big knot. Allison was a physio-doll and completely heated me up.

The most amazing thing was the Roni-love I received. Roni immediately called and connected me with Kim Matthias, a massage therapist at Fort LangleyMassage Therapy and Holistic Health.  Kim squeezed me in and then literally squeezed out the fireworks that were residing in my back.  Knowing that I was supposed to embark on a long drive up to the lake for my vacation, Kim worked a little extra on my hips and then supplied me with stragedies to survive the long trip up to Christina Lake.

Thanks to Roni, Kim, a few “Supergirl” pink pills from Eddie (aka anti-inflammatory) I survived the gruelling 6 1/2 hour drive to Christina Lake and didn’t waste my vacation home alone, crying, and in unbearable pain.

Cause dammit, soon-to-be forty year olds with new back issues need love too Dan Mangan.



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