Touchdowns & Cotton Candy

It’s always hard to know when your children are ready to attend sporting events.  Every child is different.  There usually isn’t a child admission price for seating, so to spend the full price and leave during the middle is not an option that bodes well for either The Man or myself.  Usually we attend cheaper sporting events, like the Langley Lacrosse Thunder, the Surrey Eagles, or the Langley Chiefs as a testing ground for how long the monkeys can tolerate being seated while watching a game that they don’t understand.  Let’s face it, even I don’t understand the game of CFL football or lacrosse and easily get bored with it.

Easton has been quite jealous about not being able to attend big ticket events like the Canucks or BC Lions games with her Dad, so when the opportunity came to go with our friends as a family to see the BC Lions, we jumped at the chance.  The ratio of 5 children to 4 parents was also quite attractive.

The Man had informed me that last time he took Jackson to a game, they weren’t ALLOWED to sit down until they had popcorn.  To find popcorn, the Man had to basically walk  3/4 of Empire stadium searching for it.  Most of the concessions are designated for ‘ real’ food and beer, not necessarily any type of treats that kids would want.

When we walked through the stadium gates, I immediately noticed the walking vendors with popcorn but the five children eyed the walking vendor with cotton candy.  The national anthem was already being played, so we rushed to our seats to get everyone settled and then mentally noted where we were to go to get the NOW highly requested cotton candy.

Walking vendors are named walking vendors for a reason.  We finally found popcorn and waters but cotton candy was nowhere to be found.  Even one of the Dads, walked the stadium circuit in search of the elusive cotton candy that had created a wave of tears amongst the five children, that popcorn and water could not console.

Just as the Lions were about to score and the kids were just calming down to settle for the ‘it will do’ popcorn, a cotton candy vendor appeared and the kids cheers, and my cheers, were backed by the Lions fans cheering for the Lions tying touchdown.

Cotton Candy. It’s good.



Easton isn’t in any pictures, as she was currently circulating the bleachers.  Luckily, there were quite of few empty seats that let her do this without annoying too many spectators.  I think we were the most annoyed.

Tips for taking your little ones out to events:

1. Trial your little ones at a cheaper event before you take them to an expensive game/event.  It’s not necessarily the age or the event, it usually is the child.  You never know, some children are great when they are five others are great when they are three.

2. Feed them before you go out.  Don’t assume that they will eat there, as many times the excitement combined with the new environment halts their appetite.  Also, feeding them will ensure that there is something to absorb any ‘treats’ sugaryou may buy them.

3.  Arrive early but not too early.  It’s good to get in early, so bathroom & treats can be had before the game but don’t go too early.  Remember your child might not enjoy waiting an hour beforehand, an hour is a eternity 3 hours in kid time.

4.  Listen to your child.  If it’s overtime, you may want to stay but are you willing to live with the consequences after? Sometimes, you just have to leave when your child’s patience or time is up.  That may include leaving a lot earlier than planned.  They may not understand the importance of Game 7 overtime.

5.  Remember to have fun!  Enjoy this time with your child.  Engage your child and talk to them about what they see or like or don’t like.  Ask them questions or tell a story that they will enjoy and remember about your own experiences.  It’s was so fun to see Easty experiencing the ‘wave’ for the first time, she had a million questions about it.

Do you remember your first event as a child?  What was the first event that you took your child to?   What was a special treat you remember having at an event?  What do you crave when you go out for a special treat?  What’s your child’s favourite treat this summer?  



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