The Sun is Having Breakfast & Other Musings of a 6 year old

Jackson: Mom.  I think the sun is having breakfast. No.  No.  I know the sun is having breakfast.

Me: That’s really interesting Jackson.  Why do think that?

Jackson: It smells yummy.  It smells like food (in the movie theatre parking lot).

Me: Whatcha doing Jackson?

Jackson: Nothing.  Just feels like flying.

Every time he would go to the bow and just rest his chin.  It looked as if he was sleeping but he assured me he was resting his eyes in the wind.

J: Mommy come upstairs.  If you don’t get upstairs I will pull you upstairs.

Me: Why do you want me to come up.

Jackson: Cause I just want you Mom.  Cuddle. Let’s go Mommy. I need a cuddle.

How can I say no, as surely this phase will be over sooner than I would like.

 Happy 6th Birthday to The Boy born 3 minutes after midnight on July 25, 2005.  

The Boy who wants to “be good” at school so he can grow up to be an astronaut and “touch the stars”.  The Boy who still loves his cuddles and who can swim around the boat 4 times “all by himself” at the lake.  Whose feet grow faster than his shoes and who loves to “get down” dance with his BFF to music that I don’t even know but he knows and sings the words.  The Boy who refuses to stop bugging his sister but won’t stand for anyone else making her cry.  The Boy, who doesn’t make sandcastles but makes museums and refuses to believe that someone would take his pencil case because surely he just lost it, like he has lost his glasses four times last week.  The Boy.  My Boy.  Our Boy.  That makes us smile at the wonderful ways he describes the world as he sees it.

Happy Birthday Jackson! 


  1. Happy 6th Birthday Jackson!!

  2. That was beautifully written. Happy birthday to an awesome boy!!!

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