Surviving Canada Day 2011

Dad & Easton.

It’s been exactly two years ago today that my Dad passed away. Wow. Two years.

Luckily, it wasn’t as stressful as last year’s “losing Jackson” episode at the Salmon Festival in Steveston.  I don’t think my Mom or I, would’ve been able to emotionally deal with that. Again.

It’s funny.  How we remember these days and they are harder to deal with than with the celebrations in my Dad’s life.  I believe that I didn’t really blink an eye when his birthday, April 2nd, rolled around.  I always used to bug him by saying he was born a day late, you know, one day shy of April fool’s day.  It always got a fake laugh response, in a haven’t heard that one before tone, from him.

Instead it went pretty smoothly, considering that we were flying without our Captain, The Man.  The Man had to take the 6 1/2 hour drive up with his younger brother to the cabin, to “deal” with the ever-moving dock and assorted annual chores that were on Mama Mitri’s (The Man’s Mom’s) to-do list.  We leave for the cabin soon and my Man did not want to spend half of his week “dealing” with dock issues, while his co-captain (me), tried to half-heartily help while entertaining and wrangling monkee children.

The kids slept in this morning, so our plans to venture over to my Dad’s Great Aunt Hattie in Steveston, were kabooshed.  We got in the car and detoured over to Langley’s McCleod Park.  Bobs’ N’ Lolo were playing the 11:00am show, so it was easy to convince the kids to go instead of seeing a parade.

We arrived early. An hour early but luckily enough families with children who don’t sleep in, convinced the event to open early.  I proudly admit that it was probably Easty’s riotous fence moving antics that may have convinced the park officials to open. Heh.


E not wanting to comply with my "in case you get lost" photo

"In case you get lost" photo sans jackets. Closed eyed Jacksy.

Trying for the great Mom & Kids photo. Fail #1.

Trying for the great Mom & Kids photo. Fail #2. Squirmy Worms.

This year’s event was amazing. It was nicely spread out and I love that it mainly occurs on grass.  I was happy not happy to see Toy Traders without any Trader Bucks in my wallet but luckily the kids settled on some reasonably priced marbles.  I wonder who won the Outhouse Playhouse?!

Entrance was by donation and the rides were either $1.o0 a ticket/ride or $20. all day ride pass.  Of course, the kids wanted to ride the ponies, that cost $5.00 for two rounds on Winnie the Pooh.


Winnie & Easty.

That smiles says it all.

Jackson ALSO had to ride Winnie.

Winnie the Pooh looks a wee bit small for Jacks.

Our next stop was the TOL’s fire department.  The firefighter’s were getting quite the kick out of the kids enthusiasm.

TOL's Rescue Me.

The Smiles.

The Smiles.

Engines Galore.

Pretending to go to a fire.


Easty driving. Jackson cheering her on.

Lots of enthusiasm here.

Lots of laughing.

Then we heard it.  The sweet, playful songs of one of the kids favourite groups, Bobs N’ Lolo. We rushed over and headed straight for the dance area. Doesn’t Lorraine look great for just having a baby.

Bobs N' Lolo. Let the Kiddie Dance-fest begin.

Front of the stage.


Then it happened.Gawking.
More gawking. Nothing else.
Still nothing.

Okay then.  Maybe it was the loud music, so we decided to hang back into the audience and find a chair for Grandma and a quieter spot to listen. Nope.  Nothing.  No singing.  No dancing.  A whole lotta nothing. I truly believe that my children have out grown Bobs N’ Lolo. I thought it would never happen, especially now that I actually know all the words to the songs.

The only good thing about Bobs N’ Lolo was that all the rides were line-up free, so I could release my free range children onto the young carnival volunteers.  There were bouncy castles, merry-go round rides, remote control cars, velcro walls, climbing walls, mini-golf, tons of blow-up slides.   There was no way that we were doing them all but it was nice to have the selection.


Getting ready to climb.


The climbing wall. It's high.

This is how high Jackson got. Then it said that he was "never going that high again". Heh.


Easty made it half-way up. Then the cord in front of her was bugging here.

Slides. We did this one about 5 times.

Skirt up over her head. Just like Mom.

Hands up.

Monkey wrist balloons.

These were a hit.

Face painting. Again. Easty never tires of face painting.

Not quite as skilled but it was by donation. As long as the kids are happy. This is a version of Tweety Bird. Heh.

Nothing's more fun than ending with a cheerleader lift.


Success.  No one got lost.  Everyone had fun. There were minimal tears.

We survived Canada Day 2011.

Happy Canada Day!


  1. Aw, happy Canada Day to your family and to your dad. My bday is also April 2nd, and yes, we hear that, “oh, missed it by a day, huh?” all the time. 🙂

    Love the quote unquote Tweety Bird face paint. Looks like you all had a good time.

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      Happy Belated Birthday Karen! Thanks Karen! We did have fun. I know isn’t tweety bird a RIOT. Sometimes its just so hard not to laugh. 🙂

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