Is Your Child a Thief?

Summer is in full swing, not the weather but the camps and activities that really define summer for our family. Swimming lessons, dance camp, soccer training camp, hockey skills camp, superhero day camp, and school camp.

That’s right.  School camp,  or what I lovingly know to be Grade One prep.  Jackson’ wasn’t really sold on this camp, just like his father.  Surprise, surprise!  His smile wasn’t as bright for school camp when I mentioned it involved reading, printing, and number recognition.  Heh.  Even The Man winced at the thought, knowing that he would have done anything to avoid anything to do with ‘school camp’ as a child.

For Jackson’s first day of camp, he needed to bring a pen, pencil, and a book.  To make it more fun for me, we hit the local Walmart Supercentre and picked out some new supplies.

I am still such a nerd. I love crisp notebooks, sharpening brand new pencils, opening fresh crayons, and I especially love new pencil case holders.  I tried to make this part fun in the hopes that Jackson would soon share the love of new stationary & supplies and school with me.

Jackson found himself a fun colourful Pokemon pencil case and ‘favourite colour yellow’ exercise book. I helped him choose a cool black ‘like Batman’ ergonomic triangular pencil with sharpener and finally for the Piece Du Resistance: the classic blue and white pen that has four different colours of ink.  Jackson was thrilled with his new pen and marvelled that it had blue, black, red, and GREEN ink. “Green like the Green Latern Mommy!”

We arrived at school camp with about a million other kids.  Not only were there school camps going on but there was also different summer camps starting that day as well.

Tears smudged up my little overwhelmed boy’s glasses.   School camp was a tough sell to begin with but now it felt insane with a gaggle of kids looking for an informed adult to instruct them where to go.  As we were herded into the gymnasium my little man clung hard to my hand.  I didn’t dare look down, as I felt the dampness of his tears on my bare arm.  If  I looked down, I would surely cry with him.

Eventually we found out where we were to be and I quickly worked on soothing my sensitive Jackson’s tears away.  Luckily, there were other boys attending this camp and Jackson seemed to make friends quickly with a few of them. I said goodbye, knowing that the four hours would fly by for Easty and me.  I just hoped they did for Jackson.

When we came to pick up Jackson, I was happy to see him chatting with the other boys and smiling.  Phew.

Then I noticed him running about looking into every desk.  Jackson was definitely looking for something. It turns out that he couldn’t find his pencil case or notebook.  Jackson sadly stated that he had lost his pencil case and notebook.  I asked the instructor is she had seen it but after scouring the classroom, we were still left without a Pokemon pencil case or Wolverine yellow notebook.

The instructor planned to ask the class the next day.  Surely, someone just had accidentally taken home the pencil case as it was clearly labelled with Jackson’s name.  But the next day in the class meeting, no one recalled or even admitted to ‘borrowing’ the items in question.  The instructor definitely admitted to me that although she suspects a couple of boys, she cannot accuse them.  I understand that and I completely agreed with her.

That night at bedtime, Jackson apologized to me.  Jackson apologized to me, for losing his pencil case & notebook.  I told him that he didn’t need to apologize.   I tried to explain to him, that perhaps he didn’t lose it and someone just took it or ‘permanently borrowed’ them.  It’s really hard to explain to Jackson, that someone has taken your things because they just wanted them, Jackson is just too fair to understand that concept.

Jackson still thinks that he was the one to have lost them.


Have you ever caught your child stealing anything? What did you do?  How did you prevent it from happening again?



  1. Aw, poor guy! This immediately brings me back to grade 2. I used to love picking out school supplies and was so sad when they were ‘permanently borrowed’.

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