Wordless Wednesdays: School Field Trips

As a part-time working Mom, it’s always great to be able to participate in school activities.  Unfortunately, most activities happen on the days that I am working. Boo.  Luckily, the field trips have been on days that I do not work.  I thought Jackson would be the one being excited that I came along, but I believe that I had more fun being Jackson’s Mommy to his classmates.

Jackson rode the school bus, I was t0 accompany him but instead of a typical yellow 3 kid bums per seat, they provided a more luxury bus.   The bus had buckets seats upholstered in a classic durable 80’s swishy coloured fabric scheme, plus a washroom.  Coincidentally, the washroom on the bus was out of order.  Heh. I didn’t get to ride with Jacks, as they were short seats due to the bucket aspect.  At first I was sad, but then relieved.   I was actually quite concerned that I may get motion sickness, it’s a long trip to the Vancouver Aquarium in a school bus, and my Whistler-Matrix-backseat-car-trip-experience was a minute away from me hurling in my brand new CTRA AGM coffee mug.

Instead I got to ride in a brand new Ford Explorer, fully loaded.  I felt like I was cheating on my ’92 Ghetta Jetta, cause I was definitely getting emotionally attached to the luxury features. Back up camera; TV’s in head rest; Cup holders abundant.  Sigh. One day.

The Aquarium is always great for photo opportunities. I am just sad that my camera’s memory card is not liking me lately.  All I have are iPhone pics.

We broke up into pairs.  I think that we did the Vancouver Aquarium in 60 minutes flat, a new record, and that includes having lunch watching the Beluga show.  Just like that, the trip was over.  I think the trip to the aquarium was longer than our stay at the aquarium. C’est La Vie!

Jackson’s high (favourite thing) that day: Going to the Aquarium with my Mommy!

Mommy’s high (favourite thing): Going to the Aquarium with Jackson!




  1. My son’s preschool is going to the Aquarium on Monday. But they’re going from 9 to 3. Yes, six hours. I am confused about why they’re going for so long, but I am taking a pass on chaperoning. That’s too long for my brain.

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      Wow. That is such a long time to be there. There is only so much you can see. Maybe there will be some little kiddie shows put on by the aquarium. Yes, I would skip it too 😛

  2. Oh my god, oh my god. You guys got a LUXURY bus? I am speechless with envy. I think they gave us the bus they use for reform school on my son’s field trip. My back still hasn’t recovered.

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