Wednesdays of a Few Words: Heart Attack Child – Daredevil – No Fear

Do you have one of these?

Hanging around upside down.

Climb up blue rings. Shimmy across blue bar. Slide down red pole.
Fire hydrant statue. Enjoying the view.
The attitude look I got when I asked her to get down. Please.

Easty got down. But only when SHE was good and ready. Sigh.

Somebody pass me the defibrillator.

Is it because she is the second child? Do you have a heart attack/daredevil child? Do you watch or can you not bear to look at it?



  1. I know exaclty what you mean with my daughter- the second child 🙂 I love her spunk though!

  2. She’s a wild one! My son is the same. I’m convinced he’s determined to break a bone.

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