Four & Father’s Day.

Amongst the kerfuffle of Kindergarten field trips, preschool graduation, hockey registration, ballet & gymnastics finales, new nanny interviews, and birthday celebrations, my little girl turned four on June 19th.

It was very fitting that her birthday this year landed on Father’s day, as Easty is truly Daddy’s Little Girl.

In the NICU.


In the nook.


Safe in Daddy's nook.


Asleep in Daddy's arms again.

Christina Lake Toe Dipping: ritual for all Jesson children

Go Seahawks.

Clowning around. Again.

Asleep in the nook.

More showtime.

Standing on Daddy.

Trying to out-cute again.

Hamming it up. Again.

More nooks.

Daddy's little bug.

In Daddy's lap. Again.

Christmas train giggles.

Gymnastics with Dad.

Daddy nooks times two.

Two years old.

Fishing with Daddy.

Daddy Funtimes in action.

Wanting Daddy to hold her.

Convo time on the bench.

Skytrain with Daddy.

Our little runaway allowing Daddy to capture her.

Easty knows who to call, when she needs just one more bedtime cuddle.

Easty knows who to run to, if she wants her smudged face-paint to be repainted.

Easty knows who to ask, if Mommy has already said no.




4 years old & still in the nook.

Happy 4th Birthday Easty and Happy Father’s Day to the Man!


  1. I forgot how little she was!

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