Don’t you BLAHHH-gog.

I don’t know what it is about me.  There seems to be something about me that certain people find irritatingly bothersome.  Something so irritatingly bothersome, that they must ridicule my irritatingly bothersome act and then immediately follow that reaction, by copying said irritatingly bothersome act that they were formerly mocking.

Confused yet?! I am.

Blogging = Irritatingly Bothersome Act.

When I first ventured out into the vast blogosphere, I was searching for a way to release the millions of words, thoughts, emotions that were currently swirling around in my head.  Life was slightly chaotic, at the time.  It was a way to release it all.  It was, pardon the cliche, cathartic.

Blogging is the journal, that I could never maintain.  Blogging helped conquer my fear of writing an honest journal.  A journal that would never have any integrity because I was so scared it would be found, read, and eventually judged that I edited my life before writing it down.  I guess I never realized that I was the biggest judge of it all.

It made for quite a liberating moment when I first clicked the “publish” button, the button that would send out my post into the unknown blogosphere readership world.  I definitely didn’t think anyone would actually read it.

I am not a professional writer but nothing hurts more than someone discounting your work.  I was told point-blank, as to why I would want to take a writing course, because you know you BLAHHHH-gog.  I know I am not a great writer but I enjoy writing.  I am not here for a book deal about stories of broken toys. I don’t claim to be  Proust, Chekhov, or Doestoyevsky.   I don’t care to be academically or grammatically correct, I could be but I won’t, it just takes too much work, it’s a blog.  I love the run-ons because that is how I think and usually how I talk.  My mouth doesn’t move as fast as the thoughts in my head do, so voila the run-on is abundant in my posts.  I need to type out my thoughts on screen before I lose them. Heh.

So when you peruse my posts, remember that being a great writer doesn’t necessarily make you a great blogger, even though I know great writers who are great bloggers.  Guess what?  Those great writers, who are also bloggers, don’t judge.

I am a Blogger.  That’s a BLAHHHger, to you.

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  1. Your story and words are so valuable. Never stop being you and doing what feels right. What you feel is what matters. I’m happy to be here 🙂

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      Thank you so much Wendy! I believe that your words are extremely valuable too. Your message and inspiration resonates with everyone!

  2. Here’s my $.02:
    At the end of the day, this site here? It’s YOUR space on the internet. It’s your place to write whatever you want…to be a blogger, to be a writer, to be both. No one can tell you what to do here. It’s yours, you own it. If they don’t like it, I’m sure they can find something they like elsewhere. Keep doing what you love! 🙂

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