You Must Whip It!

Nothing is better than having a silly moment.  At the Monkee Jesson abode we have many silly moments.  This moment started with the making of popcorn.

An Antique.

I have the air popper that my parent’s bought way, way back in the ’80s when they first came out with hot air poppers.  It’s so old, that it gets dangerously hot and even though it’s a relic, it still makes better popcorn than the brand spanking new retro red air popper that the Man bought me for Christmas.

Retro red popcorn maker.

Yes, he was totally in the doghouse for that one, luckily it came with a  gift card that carried a very nice balance for one of my favourite home bedding stores.  I love good bedding. I just don’t love spending my money on it.  We have been together so long that it’s more about practical stuff. Not overly romantic thoughtful gifts or ridiculously priced jewelery. It was actually thoughtful of him to choose red, as red is my accent colour in the kitchen.

The kids grabbed a bowl each and then suddenly put them on their heads.  I was inspired and I couldn’t help  but break into song.  The kids followed suit. They love the ’80s just like their Dad.

This silly moment is brought to you by Devo.

When a problem comes along!

You must whip it!

Before the cream sets out too long!


You must whip it!

When something’s going wrong,


You must whip it!


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