Yee Haw!

It’s the Cloverdale Rodeo weekend.  Last weekend, I ventured out into the public after my sick stint to get some fresh air and to let out my free-range children.

The Pre-Rodeo party was an ace-high*event that was at the cross roads of Fraser Highway & 188th.  Both the Pricesmart side & the Extra Foods side had vendors doing a bang-up job of rustling the kiddies up, along with the parents.

Pre-Rodeo Party: on the hill

There was colouring contests where everyone got a prize.

Easty's Rainbows.


Jackson's Yellow & Orange.



Love the showing me, while still trying to look at the tattoo themselves.



Bear or Cat?

two bouncy castles,

2nd Bouncy Castle.

soaked** on ice cream,

hockey shooting,

a police car,

The first and the last time.

horses from the rodeo with real cowboys & cowgirls,

and lots and lots and lots of mascots.

We all had a great time. I was exhausted & almost started to do a rain-dance so we could skedaddle***.

We rounded-up the kiddies and headed home.

Every store had an entry for VIP tickets for four to the rodeo this weekend, we didn’t win but got some great freebies.  We also spun a wheel, I won a Canucks t-shirt but they had just run out so I got a pop, the Man got a pen. Hehehe.

Cowboy translation:

*first-class, respected



Are you heading to the Cloverdale Rodeo this year?


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