Toy Traders & Free Comic Book Day

Toy Traders has to be one of my favorite stores and concepts, now that I am a parent. This toy store accepts toys for trade Tuesday through Saturday (10am-5pm). The concept is that you bring in your toys, baby gear, and they will give you half of what they will eventually sell it for in the store. You get a voucher for a total, then you take it to the cashier to receive your trader bucks. This can be used to buy new toys, used toys, books, crafts, baby gear, anything that they have in the store. When you buy the toys/items using your trader bucks, tax is not included. They also accept Canadian Tire dollars at par.

The concept of purging is not new but I love how it is very encouraging for the kids to purge. They prefer toys in good condition but they will also take rare toys. Jackson loves to rummage through the used toys because you never know what treasures you may find. One time, Jackson found a Buzz Lightyear on a motorcycle with a side-car that contained an alien in it. It also came with a another vehicle that was either a spaceship or a space car. It was $5.00 trader bucks. A steal!

We have developed quite a relationship, the Toy Trader’s Head Trader and I. He is such a serious all-business guy, my new thrill is trying to get him to crack a smile each time we do business.  It has never happened.

This Saturday May 7th was the 10th Annual Free Comic Book Day.  Free Comic Book Day, is exactly like it sounds: On the first Saturday in May, you can walk into a comic book store and walk out with a stack of comics put out by publishers to showcase the best stuff and bring comics to the public, all for FREE.

Toy Trader’s is the only local suburb store that participates in Free Comic Book Day.  The children’s comics are on the front counter and the adult ones are in behind the counter.  If you are new to comics, like The Man, you  need to know that there are different genres of comics and not all are age appropriate for children.  You can take a look HERE for comics that will appeal to the young reader in your home.

I took Jackson for his first FREE Comic Book Saturday.  I had no idea that they would let us take 6 comics.  There were so many to choose from, that they let us have one extra when Jackson couldn’t pick between Geronimo Stilton & Richie Rich.

Our friend, the Head Trader, was behind the counter being all serious business-like when I ventured to ask him if it would be okay to take a picture of Jackson with the comics, to commemorate his first Free Comic Book Day.   Head Trader said sure in his usual monotone voice, then told me to take the picture of Jackson in front of all the comics.  Jackson was standing there all serious, when I asked him to smile.  That’s when Jackson gave me this smile, one of his classic cheesy smiles with the token eyebrow lift.

Forced Smile on Jackson.

Then it happened, for the first time I actually heard Head Trader snicker and then I actually saw him smile.


Perhaps Head Trader did like children after all.




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