Playoff Etiquette 101

The Game 7 win against the Chicago Blackhawks was still reverberating when the Canucks beat the Nashville Predators on Thursday.  I know my Canucks adrenaline was still coursing through my veins, as I requested that the McDonalds turn the TV to the game on Thursday, as Jackson was having fun celebrating his classmates 6th birthday.

Can't get enough of the cheezy smiles.

I was super excited to find out my Man had playoff tickets to Saturdays Game 2 against the Predators #nashclash.   We even spotted another celebrity, Carrie Underwood or Mrs. Mike Fisher, at the game.


Not just once with the Green Guys...

Twice. This time it was up-close and personal.

I must say that I am loving these early 6pm games.  It makes it easier for the kids to watch and I am finding it’s a sure-fire way for my Man to make it home early that day. Amazing that he just manages to find a way, isn’t it?! Heh.

My Man shares season tickets, so that means we have an opportunity to go to a game about once a month.  It’s a nice treat and a great date night.  The only trouble with our seats is that during the regular season, you never know who will be sitting next to you.  You see, our seats are in section 323, that’s the balcony.  I haven’t sat in Club Seats, well I have only sat in Club Seats and in the lower bowl once.  I didn’t realize you actually have your own personal servers to bring you anything, but I did notice that there is a different crowd compared to the balcony.

Less Diana Krall & Elvis Costello types and more average Canucks die-hard fan types.

It’s like Where’s Waldo.


Can you find Diana Krall & Elvis Costello in their Canucks scarves & sunglasses?


There they are. I am guessing that they also bought the two empty seats next to them. As they were empty all night.

In the balcony, you have more ushers that act like Nurse Ratchett’s, well because they have too. When you sit in the balcony, not only is your seat smaller but you have a railing in front of you.

The railing clearly states “PLEASE DO NOT LEAN ON RAILING” as a courtesy because the people behind you cannot see if you lean forward.

It’s one of the only times that I have perfect posture because I know that people are like us, it’s a treat to be able to afford to come to a Canucks game, so you want to be able to see it. Most of the time Nurse Ratchett is informing the newbie’s Canuck goers that they need to lean back off the railing, a job that I would not want as it involves a lot of body language and yelling over the crowd. Many times I have really appreciated it, as it’s my view that they are blocking.

This is why I like the Playoff crowd.  Usually the Playoff crowd is well versed in the etiquette of hockey game watching at Roger’s Arena.  As we waited for the game to start, we wondered who would be sitting next to us.  Hmm?

Who will it be?

I began to get excited that perhaps these seats might not be occupied, code for more leg room.  Then I thought that perhaps these poor people thought the game was the regular 7pm start instead of 6pm.  That would suck to miss the majority of the game. Or perhaps they were drinking too much and let time slip, in that case they might be those belligerent drunk fans that can’t stop making stupid comments that only THEY think are funny.

It turned out to be two young girls in their ’20s, that seemed to be into the game. SEEMED.

Turns out I had to listen to these two chatty Cathys all game.  OK. No big deal right.  Well it just kept getting worse, as they kept finishing more and more beers.  Turns out that you can drink a heck of a lot more beer through a straw, thanks for those great insights girls.  Then it started.  The constant, constant, need for them to leave.  At first it was at the normal times.  Just before the period ended, you know to beat the beer rush. I get it.  They are 20ish.  Then it got annoying.  I kept making excuses for them.   Perhaps they have small bladders, perhaps it was their time of the month, perhaps they just didn’t know, perhaps.

Finally the guy sitting next to my Man spoke up.  Can you wait the 30 seconds until the END of the overtime period?

So after all this, I thought I would compile a list of Seating Etiquette, just in case you needed to know but were unaware.

1. Do not lean on the rail.  We all paid to see the same game and just cause you’ re in front, doesn’t give you the right to block the view.  We are all in the nosebleeds.

2. You cannot enter the game in the middle of a play, so don’t EXIT the game in the middle of a play.  Try to exit on a whistle, goal, or intermission.   Also, try to make your bathroom and concession visits timely.  Why go back a million times, when you could do it just once.  If you think you might pee your pants, invest in some depends or tena.  If it’s that time of the month, double up on your protection. Playoffs only happen once a year.

3. Try to maintain the chit chatter to intelligent game play commentary.  That or keep the conversation to a minimal decibel level.  No one wants to hear how wasted you got the night before.  If you need to do a big friend catchup, I think before or after the game could be more benefical for everyone.

4.  Towel waving.  We all LOVE to wave our towels.  During an overtime winning goal, it can get a little crazy and an accident can be excused.  But during regular towel waving, please know your towel boundaries.  No one likes a playoff towel in the eye.

5.  If you need to stand to identify yourself to your friends or family while chatting on your cell, can you NOT do it during the middle of a game.  Try regularily scheduled intermissions.**Again see No. 2 for other appropriate times**

6.  Are you a comedian? Great but just repeating something that got you a big laugh the first time, gets tired after the 10th time.  No one really wants to be a Side-Show Bob, do they?

7.  If you are looking to make-out or grope your date, please again save it for times that are not during major game play. Remember: Hotel! Motel! You ain’t doing it here!   ***Again see note no. 2***

Did I miss anything out?

Last but not least, realize that this post is laced with snark.  Snark: a combination of “snide” and “remark”. Sarcastic comments. It was meant for laughter. Sometimes, like in my playoff experience last night, that is all you can do.

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