Living the Fabulous Life.

Every year, the Mom’s are invited to visit the preschool to celebrate Mother’s Day.

All dressed up for the occasion.

The class sings songs, usually “I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee” and “My mommy gave me a nickel”.

We eat cupcakes.

Ice Tea. Yummy!


Cupcakes: Decorated by Easton.

They also ask the preschoolers what they believe their Mom’s can and cannot do.  Proving again that children’s observations are spectacularly funny.

Last year, Jackson said that I can hop like a bunny but I cannot buy him candy.

This year, Easton had her say.


Rested and well shopped.

3 Generations.



  1. I couldn’t make out what you can do? Drive a truck? Funny kid.

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