Blogger Party equals Awkward MonkeeMama Moment

Last night I drove through some of my old haunts in East Vancouver and Kitsilano to attend the Vancouver Moms 2011 Fabulous 30 Mom Bloggers party at Bopomo on West Broadway.

I drove through East Van, gawking at the Lee Building top floor where I used to live with two pro skateboarders.  Just roomies, although my good friend Liz T. did date one.  I would take baths in the antique claw foot tub, with a view of all of Mount Pleasant before me.   My favourite was the laundry service on Main St., $10. a pound to have them wash, dry, fold, and iron all your clothes.  We used to all walk up to the Grind Coffee shop on 24th & Main, where I would get my fix and let my fingers twinkle the piano keys in the coffee shop.

Photo Courtesy of UBC Geography

Past Martini’s & Benny’s Bagels &  Calhoun’s.  I think we went to Calhoun’s on opening night.  Back in the days of the Blarney Stone serving wench years.

Lastly, I took at right at Stephen’s street.  Where I actually had a boyfriend named Stephen who lived at 2406? Stephen’s St.  That was eons ago.

I was early.  A half-hour early.  I grabbed a coffee & some free Wi-Fi at Starbucks.  I needed the coffee because I had worked all day, I was scared that I wouldn’t have the energy to socialize.

I was wrong.  I was buzzing with adrenaline & caffeine outside Bopomo.  I paused to finish my coffee, only to frantically wave at the two familiar faces in an approaching mini-van.  Jodi and Cory of Rants n’ Rascals.  I then realized how nervous I truly was to mingle with these fabulous, brilliant, mom bloggers.

The first time I went to a blogger meet up/thingy, I completely overtalked Left Coast Mama’s ear off, I think she’s scared of me now.  When I get nervous I chat and laugh with the force of  ten hyenas.  Usually my husband jokes and tells me to put another clip in the machine gun laugh.

The last time, I completely awkwardly hugged Amber Strocel of at the beach.  My Man was witness to the awkward hug and teased me endlessly.  It was funny though, as I meet new people almost everyday, at perhaps some of their hardest moments in life, and I am not as awkward as I was hugging the wonderful Bloggess Mommy Amber.  Who had the most darling little felt headband that I loved.  I just didn’t really get a chance to talk to her, to compliment her on it.

Everything was going swimmingly as can be, for a nervous MonkeeMama. I had some great chats with fun loving Jodi & Corey of Rants n’Rascals; in-depth paediatrics SPL conversation with Amanda from Lilahbility; a very funny Kathy Collis of Kick whom I loved immediately; a sweet soft spoken Cynthia of The Hippy Housewife; the lucky and pretty Amanda of Mon Petit Shoo; Stephanie Lee awesome bloggess of  Tsunami Mommy now awesome business woman of Scratchpad Secretaries; rocking awesome super hair was Kerry Sauriol of Crunchy Carpets & SAHMedia; insightful Jenny of Ruminating Mommy, so many I think my head was spinning and I didn’t get to meet everyone or have serious conversations that I would have liked to have.

Then I. Yes, I. I actually modeled. Yes, I did stutter. Heh.  I finally learned how to loose the Beaker (from Muppets) the no chin face that is.  Stick my head out, then my neck down.  It’s totally uncomfortable but I think it worked.  It was weird to have my photo taken.  I am usually so much behind the camera, that my children look like they are parented by a single dad, the Man.  The photographer and photo assistant were totally fun, they laughed at my snaggle tooth concern.  I really do hope that they photo shop the blemish that I tried to *ahem* fix prior to the event.  It didn’t fix, it just looks like I tried to operate with unskilled hands.

Then, just as time was winding down, I got a chance to talk with the A Lot of Loves, Marilyn Belsham. I completely, totally, awkwardly handshaked her.  Handshake. Yep.  One of my fabulous fellow mom bloggers who actually takes the time and reads and comments on my blog.  I shook her hand.  Personally, I should have given her the long, lasting, THANK YOU FOR READING AND COMMENTING grateful hug.  No, I treated her like a mortgage broker, all business stiff-like.  Luckily, Marilyn is all heart and agreed to hug it out next time on twitter, where I expressed my embarrassment at the awkwardly hand-shaking her.

I didn’t get to meet everyone but I was so glad that I went.  Wonderful food, atmosphere, brilliant women, great gifts, and to be appreciated for my blogging is something that I will never forget.

Why couldn’t this happen once a month? Heh.

I later realized that I had completely forgotten to take out my camera, I had no photos from this fabulous event, or the wonderful women that I had meet.  I know that I just was a completely blithering idiot, rushing around on my adrenaline & caffeine high.  I don’t know if I even had a complete conversation with anyone.

I was completely hung over the next day.  I didn’t have anything alcoholic to drink that night but I felt completely soaked & was still buzzing that morning.

Thanks to our hosts which includes Christine Pilkington, Pamela Fielding, Diane Wild, Linda Nasu.  Sue Sinclair of Raspberry Kids, who was the bartender extraordinaire, who I wished I had talked to.  Kerry Sauriol of Crunchy Carpets & SAHMedia.



  1. I think everyone was a bit nervous. I brought my camera too and had it in my hand most of the night clinging on it like a security blanket instead of actually taking pictures. I somehow left with 4 pictures though!? I wanted to take more, especially with some of my most recent followers and bloggers I’m now following, but I thought it may be weird since it was the first time meeting them and now I have photos with them… which now thinking about it I don’t think of as weird as I originally did. These are blogger moms! They do what I do. We take pictures when the words can’t express it or if the pictures are more flattering than what we have to say. 😉

    Anyways, I don’t even remember everyone I met, but I’m glad I met them! You always tell yourself you are not alone, in whatever it is that you struggle or feel alone about, but it’s always nice to see that you are not alone and there are local people just like you. 🙂

  2. One of the reasons I love reading your blog is that you always make me laugh! I’m glad you had a wonderful time at the event. You deserve it!!

  3. Loved this! It’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one feeling shy, nervous, and awkward that night. I linked to it from my blog – you said it better than I could, anyway!

  4. It was awesome to see you there! You looked so comfortable and in your element. And gorgeous beyond belief! I’m happy that we all managed to make our way down there and catch up, chat a bit and enjoy the company of such fabulous women! ps: I think I saw you on Monday just as we were leaving the rodeo! xo.

  5. It was a great handshake though. 😉

  6. Great recap! It was great to meet you too!
    I feel like requesting a follow up session though, so I can learn how you all do these techy things people do on their blogs that are clearly beyond me….like, um….buttons and stuff….and meet everyone I didn’t get a chance to talk to.
    Keep writing! I like it!

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      You too! I need more tech lessons as well. It’s definitely a process when it comes to all that stuff. Trial & error & helpful blogger friends! I can help but my base knowledge is minimal. We definitely need to get together again & more often!

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