Wordless Wednesday: Japanese Genes

I am half-Japanese.  I thought I would put that out there because upon seeing my children, I have had many a mother question if I was The Nanny (not Fran Drescher either).  Most people look at my dark hair and then cannot see beyond the blond hair and blue eyes of my children, or the fact that these monkeys are calling me Mom.  Those cutie pie kids of mine do have my almond eyes and kind of, sort of, well do look like me as well. Heh.

The Asian genes may run strong but those blond blue-eyed Jesson genes are stronger.  Who ever said that blond hair would eventually become extinct, did not know a Jesson.

The one thing my lovely daughter Easton inherited from me was my eczema.  I guess I can blame the Japanese genes for that one, as the a Doctor and Paediatric Allergist commented how common eczema was in Japanese culture.  Who knew?

The Scratch Test.


Easty is fortunate to only have eczema and not a full-blown anaphylatic allergy to anything else, so far, as we all know that allergies can form at any point in your life, and it can be when you are an adult.  As I am now fully aware of them.

Easty has always had sensitive skin.  We don’t use scented soaps, laundry detergent, and fabric softeners are considered pure evil in this house.  I don’t bath Easty every night, as to allow her natural skin oils to build up, bathing her every night just will dry out her skin.  I have tried  glaxal base, elidel (non-antibiotic cream), aleva, everything that is moisturizing and non-irritating.   Easty also drinks quite a lot of water, we are hydrating her on the inside and the outside.  It just doesn’t seem to stop her from scratching until she bleeds.

We also try to eat very simply.  I am seriously toying with a gluten free diet, we naturally eat a minimal amount of gluten already so it wouldn’t be a big stretch.  I haven’t made a final decision but I am in the midst of reading this eBook Gluten Toxicity by Shelly Stuart and will give you my final decision after some more research.

Until it goes away.  I have to use the cortisone cream.  You can catch Easty looking basically like this every night, until the eczema stops flaring up.

This is my new parent job every night.  Lubing up my daughter with cream & petroleum jelly.  I am surprised that she doesn’t just slid right out of her bed in the morning.   Luckily, she just loves all this attention.

Are your children allergic to anything?  What home remedies have you used for rashes or eczema? What do think about gluten? Are you allergic to gluten or anything else?


  1. My son has mild eczema. I’ve heard from friends that putting a humidifier in the room helped their kids.

    I’ve been trying to go gluten free for my husband. It hasn’t been easy – or cheap – but then we ate a lot of bread-type products.

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      I will have to try the humidifier. I have a cool-mist one but have never tried it for her skin. Thanks Marilyn!

  2. Nolan and Jarrett both had it too, and was told it was the japanese gene. Jarrett outgrew it, TG. Nolan has mostly outgrew it too, but still gets a flare up when he gets sick. With Nolan, I found lubriderm helped. And I got both kids on cod liver oil which has really boosted their immunity. Good luck with Easton, hopefully she’ll get less of it as she gets older. 🙂

  3. We have to do the cortisone/petroleum jelly combo for Lilah too. Her lower back sometimes looks like it has been attacked by a cat with all the scratches – gotta keep on top of her fingernails, too! We’ve had some luck with Aveeno Baby Excema Care Cream, especially for her cheeks, but after a bath she definitely gets lubed up with the petroleum – it makes for a tough go of getting pajamas on an already very wiggly toddler!

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      I can’t imagine Even imagine it on her cheeks! Oh poor Lilah- i hope she’s not inclined to scratch as much as Easty.

  4. First of all, they may be blond, but I see tons of you in your kids!

    ALSO, the poor, poor thing. That looks so painful.

  5. danyelle says:

    I use something from the health food store it has a tea tree oil lotion…it is smelly but it does an amazing job on her skin….Good Luck

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