Wednesday of a Few Words- Playoffs & Watermelon

The Canucks just finished getting walloped 7-2 by the Blackhawks in game 4.  I guess there will be no need for the broom tonight but I refuse to stop believing, although I am noticing a lot of jumpers already.  We are still up 3-1 jumpers!?  I classify these fans as the fruit fly fans, minimal attention span that only shows up when there is a bounty to be had.  It happens, any team is beatable any given day, especially with playoffs.  No one seems to look at the little things, like Kane STILL not scoring on Luongo. Heh.  I love to hate strongly detest that mullet-loving, step-haired Kane, the little weasel.

Kane didn’t score a-gain.  Kane never scored on Lu-ongo.  (sing it in an immature 11 year old sing -song voice please).

As you can tell, we have a lot of Canuck fans at the Monkee Home.


Waiting for the game to start. Ponies get the front row due to their height.

Buzz the 7th Man.

Sunday we ventured out in all our glorious Canucks gear.  If that reads like I am proud to sport it, well I was not.  I had to sport the sparkly pink Canuck jersey, read story here, that goes against my natural tom-boyish nature.  I am more of a blue fitted girl jersey than a pink fitted girl jersey.  Nothing is funnier than being told by the 17 year old bubbly checkout person at Pricesmart that she “had NEVER seen a whole Canuck family” come in before, I almost thought she was going to announce it over the intercom.  These are the things that you will do for your kids when they beg you, beg you, to be wear the matching jerseys so “we can be twins Mommy!”  The Man chuckled all day.  I am sure he is laughing now as he reads this.

It looks so cute on the kids.

Smiling like Buzz.


My Canuck Princess in all her pink sparkle glory. Notice the fairies in her hands & on her tutu'd lap. Such a girl.


Canuck Sibling Love.

During the game, the kids demanded snacks.  I cut up some watermelons, handed it to the kids,  & then hurriedly finished watching the game. I left some out.

If you cut up watermelon in the Monkee House be sure to put it away.

All gone.

Or it won’t be there when you get back. Well it will be there, sort of.

Hey Jacks! What happened to the watermelon?

Jacks: I don’t know Mommy.


  1. Photogirl says:

    You MUST post a shot of YOU in your girly pink jersy!!

  2. We missed the game, but that is quite a thumping. My husband thinks it’s on purpose so they can win at home. 🙂 Have faith!

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