Surrey for Kids: Name the Eaglet Contest

The City of Surrey has a great new site and link for our Surrey kids. There are memory games that focus on local Surrey locations and wildlife. Have fun exploring Surrey’s wilderness or even Surrey’s city hall. The Monkee kiddies really enjoyed the music and playing the games on my laptop.

I had fun exploring the site with the kids.  I found it to be a great resource for everything a Surrey kid and family would like to access.  Check out the headings: Things to Do; Places to Go; Ways to Help; Ways to Learn; and a very favourite category of mine- How Do I…

The How Do I … was a great list of links for every sport available for children to play in Surrey. I LOVE this!   Jackson is my first child and I have had to do a lot of legwork finding out where to go to register him for certain sports.  Mostly I have talked to other parents and then hit the search engines.  This site helps simply your search.  Thanks City of Surrey!

Our newest mission is to name the new host for Surrey for Kids.  The mascot is an cartoon Eaglet.  All you have to do is input your choice for the name of the Eaglet and then enter your school name. Click here to enter your name.

The school with the most votes will win a visit from ‘Birds on the Bay’, who will bring their ‘Birds of Prey’ exhibit for your entire school to see!  I think that is very exciting.  I wonder if they will let parents attend?

Voting is open to kids 12 and under in the Surrey School District.  Contest closes Friday, April 29th at 5pm.

Photo courtesy of Surrey for Kids website.

Heads up: You can choose your own name, like Eddie the Eaglet.  I think that Jackson and Easton have chosen that one about 100 times.  You can also choose a name from the drop-down menu, although it doesn’t appear everytime.  The kids chose Blazer.  It doesn’t seem that I can access the selections now?!


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