Slumber Party

I love it when the kids get ideas into their heads.  The ideas seem to fester and grow with each passing minute.  The ideas usually come from that treasure trove chest of ideas that only kids can tap into, where adults can never venture because our ideas are laced with the reality of guidelines, tainted with a smidge of actual limitations.

Lately, there has been a lot of talk, *ahem Grandma talk, of a sleepover. I was told by Jackson that when school is over he is staying over at Grandmas.  This is quite funny because Grandma lives in the same house, just in the downstairs suite.  All this talk led to our first sleepover, but it wasn’t at Grandma’s.

Easty ended up sleeping over at Jackson’s, the room next door.

The Choke Hold cuddle.

This proves that these little monkees of mine LOVE to move & groove in their sleep.  This led to a second night.


Sleeping siblings : Night Two.

Easty "sweat pants"

This just proves that we cannot sleep in our bed if a lil’monkee has invaded it.  They just don’t stay still.

Later that night Jackson came into our room.  He was complaining that Easty stole the covers and that she moved too much.  He even complained that she kicked him in the back.

Paybacks a B#$%! eh Jackson.

What fun ideas have your children come up with that you could never think of?  How old were your children when they had their first sleepover?

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