Keeping Our Children Safe.

As soon as I learned I was pregnant, I started to worry about the health of my child. I thought that my feelings would alleviate after he was born but they didn’t, they just increased. I soon realized that it was important for me to understand that as a mother, I would always worry but to comfort and decrease my worries, I needed to have as much accurate information I could get to make informed decisions for him.

Every day that I work in the hospital, I am reminded how precious life is, especially the life and health of a child. I also believe that awareness and sharing knowledge are key factors in preventing many tragedies from happening. That is why I agreed to work with the Meningitis Research Foundation and The UrbanMoms Network of Bloggers to help increase awareness of Meningitis.

April 25th was World Meningitis day and to bring awareness to this potentially life threatening disease, the Meningitis Research Foundation shared the story of the day Katie & Keaton’s lives were changed forever.

As as healthcare provider, I  feel that I am lucky to have so much knowledge and resources accessible to me. I was shocked to know that I was unaware of some key facts surrounding Meningitis.

* In Canada, of those who develop meningitis, one in four die within 48 hours and half of them are younger than five years of age

* Meningitis survivors can experience devastating consequences including varying degrees of blindness, deafness, paralysis, loss of limbs and mental retardation

*B strain is the most prevalent strain of bacterial meningitis across targeted age groups – under 1 years, 1-4 years and 15-19 years of age. There is currently no protection available for meningitis B.

The Meningitis Research Foundation identifies three main ways to help prevent Meningitis and lower the risks for your children (taken from the MRF website).

Vaccines: Different vaccines can protect us against the primary causes of meningitis. They are not all the same. Some protect against a broader spectrum of bacteria than others.

Good Health: A healthy immune system protects us well from most causes. Often we carry some of the germs that cause meningitis with no ill effects. People whose immune systems are compromised because of HIV, cancer treatment, organ transplant, infection or other causes are more susceptible.

Diligence: Seeking medical attention as soon as the symptoms appear is vital. Parents should particularly be aware of the symptoms in infants and young children because they often appear mildly but can quickly and alarmingly escalate. Meningitis strikes more often in cold weather so it is important to be even more careful in the winter.

*Remember that this information is here to increase awareness and knowledge about Meningitis. We all want to do the best for our children and we can do that by making informed decisions*



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