It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

It’s playoff time. The time of the year when there is a hockey game every day for at least a month.

We love hockey in the House of Monkey, being that both the Man and I are born and raised in Vancouver, it’s a natural progression to have a special place in our hearts for the Vancouver Canucks.  As kids, we both attended Canuck games at the Pacific Coliseum, it was a part of our childhood to follow the Canucks.  It will no doubt be a big part of Jackson & Easton’s childhood too.

Jackson's at a Canuck Playoff Game.

Going to the Canucks Game.

Playoff Excitement.

Since the beginning of our relationship, the Canucks have been a central part of it.  We have been going to games since the start of our relationship, buying each other tickets as birthday presents that we both could enjoy.  We try to go to at least a game a month now.  It’s our time to be just a couple having fun.

Playoff Faces on Game Day.

We have had fun cheering the Canucks and have done it proudly everywhere we have travelled.  In 2009, I alone cheered the Canucks on at the downtown Chicago ESPN restaurant & bar, wearing my ultra girly pink & white Canuck jersey.  I got quite the looks from Chicago-ites and the waiter, who was wearing a Kane jersey, I definitely got hassled but wouldn’t have had it any other way.  Unfortunately, it was the game that the Hawks bumped the Canucks out of the playoffs.

We have also worn our Canucks jerseys in the streets of Montreal, Wooooooo-ing all the way.  I was surprised at how many Canucks fans there were in Montreal.

This year is even more special than any of the years before.  The Canucks have finished No.1 in the league, winning the President’s trophy and setting an all-time Canucks league record for season wins.  It’s a good looking team this year, but you already know this.  And really, it doesn’t matter, it’s still not the Stanley Cup.

As we hunker down to watch our Canucks play their playoff nemesis, the Chicago Blackhawks, the team that has knocked us out of the playoffs in the last 2 years.  We hope, we truly hope, that this is the year that we can ALL say we saw the Canucks win the cup.

Do you think the Canucks will go all the way?  Who is your favourite Canuck now or of all-time?  Who do you think will win the cup?

***I am personally more of a normal colour jersey gal, but the Man got it for me as a present while being encouraged by some other work colleagues that I would surely like it.***



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